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mCLASS: What's new for 2023–2024
mCLASS: What's new for 2023–2024

New features for mCLASS educators and students

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mCLASS has introduced some new and exciting features for the 2023–2024 school year (SY23) to save you time and enhance the experience of assessment and instructional planning so you can concentrate on giving your students targeted instruction.

Unified home for educators and students

Amplify now has a single entryway for educators (Educator Home) as well as for students (Student Home).

Educator Home

Student Home

For the new school year:

  • After logging in, you will arrive at Educator Home, where you’ll find a new, streamlined way to access your assessment, reporting, and instructional tools.

  • mCLASS students will arrive at Student Home after logging in. From Student Home, your students can complete assigned mCLASS assessments.

Access to assessment and training materials

All mCLASS student assessment forms and training materials that used to be found on the mCLASS Training page are now housed in the PD Library. The PD Library is a space for accessing tools and resources to deepen program implementation for all Amplify programs. It can be accessed by clicking the Programs & Apps menu on Educator Home and clicking the PD Library icon under Other Resources.

Access to mCLASS program resources

The mCLASS Support & Resource Center has been retired, and the resources for each program have been moved into the online help for DIBELS, mCLASS Lectura, and mCLASS Math. You can access the new resources pages by clicking the Programs & Apps menu on Educator Home and clicking a Resources icon under Other Resources.

Demo mode in English Classroom Reporting

We have added a demo mode in mCLASS English Classroom Reporting that will guide you through sample classroom and student reports, highlighting realistic student data within the complete set of mCLASS instructional tools. See the Classroom Reporting demo section of the mCLASS demo classes article for more details.

Demo mode will benefit many of you who use mCLASS:

  • If you’re new to mCLASS, you can use demo mode to build on your understanding of mCLASS reports and instructional tools after training.

  • You can always use demo mode to refresh your memory or learn the nuances of mCLASS reports as needed.

mCLASS Lectura Progress Monitoring (PM) recommendations

mCLASS Lectura has new PM recommendations:

  • After you complete administering benchmark assessments to your students, mCLASS will provide specific PM recommendations that will focus on the measures that are the most instructionally relevant in one (or more) of the big ideas for reading.

  • mCLASS will keep track of students' progress on each skill and (after an appropriate number of data points are collected) will flag whether the student is on- or off-track to meet goals for their target skill(s).

New mCLASS Math assessment field study

We are excited to announce an opportunity to participate in a field study for a new math assessment. The field study, which will be conducted throughout the 2023-2024 school year, will focus on Grades K–8. Partner schools will have access to all mCLASS Math data collected during the field study and direct access to our Amplify team for feedback.

  • The new mCLASS Math is a digital program with screening, diagnostic, and progress monitoring assessments that help reveal students’ mathematical thinking and learning in critical skills and standards.

  • See the attached flyer for more details on the field study and to inquire about joining the program: mCLASS Math SY23-24 - Recruitment Flyer.

mCLASS Intervention content & branding updates

We have enhanced the instruction in mCLASS Intervention with updated content to better align with our research findings.

The content enhancements include:

  • New advanced Phonological Awareness activities that provide practice with phoneme and syllable manipulation

  • Updated decoding activities that include practice with writing sound spelling patterns and words

We have also made sure that mCLASS Intervention branding appears throughout the product.

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