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Science K–5 digital experience: Instructional resources
Science K–5 digital experience: Instructional resources

New and updated resources for Amplify Science K-–5 digital experience educators and students

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Amplify Science K–5 digital experience has new and updated content for the 2023–2024 school year. These resources will help save you time and offer more flexibility in your lesson planning.

New classroom slides content

The slide decks that comprise each Amplify Science lesson now include content that can help you elicit and leverage students’ prior knowledge, personal experiences, and cultural backgrounds.

Slides that feature two new chart routines (called Our Experiences and What We Think We Know) have been added to the slides of appropriate lessons. These routines can help students build upon their prior knowledge and experiences and make connections between their personal experiences and their classroom learning. If you would prefer to not include these routines in your instruction, you can use the My Amplify add-on to remove the slides that contain them.

Note that customized slides from previous years will not automatically receive these updates. If you would like to include these new routines in your customized slides, you will need to generate the new slides from each lesson, copy/paste the respective slides into your own deck, then publish your updated deck back to Amplify.

You can find more details on the Our Experiences and What We Think We Know routines, as well as general information about making connections to students’ lived experiences, in the overview document located under Printable Resources on the Unit Overview page.

Possible Responses PDF

Existing information about answers, or students’ possible responses, is available in a new, more user-friendly format.

Now presented as completed Investigation Notebook pages, the Possible Responses PDF include illustrated diagrams, models, and expected Sim usage where appropriate.

To maximize ease of use, educators no longer need to navigate to specific Activity slides to find the corresponding Possible Responses. Instead, educators can find the Possible Responses PDF in the Unit Overview.

The Possible Responses PDF is available within the Printable Resources area of the Unit Overview. It contains a compilation of example student responses for all of the prompts in a unit’s Investigation Notebook.

The Possible Responses PDF is currently available for the first unit of each grade level. Subsequent units will be released on a rolling basis through the fall.

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