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Science 6–8: What’s new for 2023–2024
Science 6–8: What’s new for 2023–2024

New and updated features for Amplify Science 6–8 teachers and students

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What's New for 2023 – 2024?

Amplify Science 6–8 has some new and exciting features for the ‘23–‘24 school year to help save you time, extend your reach, and support your efforts to deliver the types of rigorous and riveting learning experiences your students deserve.

Click here to see the Amplify Science K–5 Digital Experience updates.

Unified home for educators

Amplify now has a single entryway for educators: Educator Home.

After logging in, you arrive at Educator Home, where you’ll find a new, streamlined way to access all of your programs with:

  • A Recommendations section, which provides suggested next steps, reminders, and helpful resources,

  • A stream of recently assigned activities.

Note: Educator Home may look different depending on your role in the organization and your access to programs.

Content updates

If you use the national or California editions of Amplify Science, you’ll see some new resources in your units! First, we have added information on where each dimension of the unit’s focal Performance Expectations is assessed (“3-D Assessment Objectives”), as well as some optional resources that may be used to elicit and leverage students’ prior knowledge, personal experiences, and cultural backgrounds. Next, some units’ articles and/or print materials were updated to reflect newer information that has become available since the original publishing of Amplify Science content.

Canvas grade sync

You can now sync your 6–8 Science grades from Classwork directly to Canvas! You can choose which course in Canvas to send the grades to for each class. The grade sync occurs in real time and only grades will be synced. Feedback and comments are not synced.

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