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Amplify ELA: Updated data and reporting
Amplify ELA: Updated data and reporting

New features for ELA reporting.

Updated over a week ago

Amplify ELA’s teacher reporting has been updated for the 2023–2024 school year!

ELA’s updated reports include:

Learn more about ELA Reporting here.

ELA Unit Assessment Reports

Amplify ELA’s unit assessment reports have been enhanced to assist you in interpreting student scores. Student scores are color-coded by performance level designed to align with common end of year assessments.

You can also view the Performance Level of the students in a class as fractions or percentages.

Learn more about ELA Assessments here.

Exit Ticket Reporting

The exit ticket report provides an overview of your students’ performance on exit tickets across lessons in a unit. You can select a specific lesson to view the percentage of correct answers for that lesson or get data on students who gave fully or partially correct answers and the number of students who answered incorrectly or didn’t submit work.

You can find more detailed data when you view your students’ performance by question.

Learn more about Exit Tickets here.

Coming soon: Sharing Automated Writing Evaluation Scores

Later this fall, you will be able to send your students their automated writing evaluation (AWE) scores and the rubric. Your students will only see the AWE scores you share with them and you can stop sharing scores at any time.

Learn more about AWE here.

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