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Amplify ELA: What’s New for 2023–2024
Amplify ELA: What’s New for 2023–2024

New and updated features for Amplify English Language Arts (ELA)

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What's New for 2023 – 2024?

Amplify ELA has some new and exciting features for the ‘23–‘24 school year to help save you time, extend your reach, and support your efforts to deliver the types of rigorous and riveting learning experiences your students deserve.

Unified home for educators

You can access everything you need for the day from one unified space: Educator Home.

Educator Home offers access to all your products for your school or district. There is a section for Recommendations (providing instructional planning tips) and Insights (providing information on recent student activity).

Updated data and reporting

You now have access to enhanced unit assessment reports and exit ticket reports for Amplify ELA. You can see student scores color-coded by performance level and can track exit ticket performance across a unit.

Coming soon: You will be able to send students their automated writing evaluation (AWE) scores.

Customizable library resources

Districts can now customize their Grades 6–8 digital library booklists by choosing from Amplify’s 700+ selections to build their own digital library.

New instructional resources

Text analysis modules

There are two new text analysis modules, on Rhetorical Appeals and Logical Reasoning, which offer flexible instructional resources for teaching analytic reading skills.

There are also additional printable vocabulary resources that target morphology.

Conversation connections

Flex Days now features the Conversation Connections activity. Conversation Connections provide structured opportunities for students, particularly English Language Learners (ELL students), to practice essential speaking and listening skills.

Independent Reading Guide

Districts also now have access to Amplify’s Independent Reading Guide, which contains various suggestions for implementing and facilitating a successful independent reading program.

The student-facing guide includes various materials that students might use to structure their reading and sharing sessions. These materials range in focus from vocabulary capture sheets to book talk suggestions to genre exploration.

*The availability of this content/feature may vary by district and in certain state editions.

Improved Vocabulary experience

The Vocab App now has an updated reporting User Interface with redesigned activity visuals, improved navigation, and read-aloud functionality.

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