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The Amplify Caminos digital experience offers both educators and students a more flexible and improved learning experience.

Educator Experience:

All Amplify Caminos educators land on Educator Home (opens in new tab) upon login. On Educator Home, you have access to your programs, class poll results, recommendations, and to your stream.

Click Caminos on Educator Home to open your Caminos digital experience. From there, you have access to digital lessons, to your slides, and you can also assign work.

You can access your programs and the Amplify Hub from the Programs & Apps menu. All of your Caminos multimedia apps are listed in the Amplify Hub.

Year Overview

From the Year Overview, select the grade from the Programa (Program) menu. The Year Overview contains the Unidades (Units) and Materiales (Materials) for the year. The Materiales section contains planning documents, reading resources, guidance for reviewers, and more.

Grades K–2

For grades K–2, there are Unidades de Lectoescritura (Skills Units), Unidades de Conocimiento (Knowledge Domains), and Materiales.

Grades 3–5

Grades 3–5 have Unidades and Materiales.

Unit Overview

Click a Unidad to go to the Vistazo a la unidad (Unit Overview). There you can access the Lecciones (Lessons) and Materiales associated with that unit.

Lesson Overview

Click a lesson to see the Lesson Overview. It contains all of the information you need to prepare for the lesson.

The Lesson Overview includes:

  • Materiales

  • Objetivos del enfoque principal (Primary Focus Objectives)

  • Vistazo a la lección (Lesson at a Glance)

  • Preparación (Advance Preparation )

  • Vocabulario (Vocabulary)

For K–2, you can access Apoyo adicional (Additional Support) content in the Materiales.

From the Lesson Overview, you can click:

  • Personalizar to personalize the lesson slides.

  • @ Asignar to assign the lesson to students.

  • Presentar to present the slides and teach the lesson.

Vistazo a la lección offers a visual summary of the lesson’s activities. You can preview the lesson, read activity summaries, and see suggested pacing.

Student Experience:

All Amplify Caminos students land on Student Home (opens in a new tab) upon login.

On Student Home, students can see their assigned lessons and past work. Only lessons assigned by an educator display on Student Home.

Students can also access their multimedia apps in the Hub. They will have different apps depending on their grade.

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