Amplify Caminos digital experience
Updated this week

Teachers and students now both have an improved teaching and learning experience with the Amplify Caminos digital experience.

This update creates a parallel story with Amplify CKLA and provides an equitable digital product offering for biliteracy implementation scenarios.

Educator Experience:

All Amplify Caminos teacher users land on Educator Home upon login, regardless of configuration or multi-product access.

Educators have access to the digital experience platform where digital lessons and Slides are housed.

Educators also have access to the Hub where multimedia apps are housed.

The educator experience also includes:

Year Overview Materials in DE:

  • At the Grade/Year level ( e.g. Grade 1) teachers can now find a sidebar link “Materials” that contains documents that relate to the full year of that grade, Planning Docs, Reading Resources, Guidance for Reviewers and Users, etc.


  • Slides will be released on the digital experience on a rolling basis.

Skills Units.

  • The Teacher Lesson Briefs now include “Additional Support” content that used to be only available in the Teacher Guides.

Student Experience:

All Amplify Caminos student users land on Student Home upon login.

Students have access to lessons via Student Home only when assigned by a teacher. Students do not have access to digital lessons, slides, resources, or other materials unless they are assigned

Students have access to the Hub where multimedia apps are housed.

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