Unified Home for educators
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All CKLA digital experience educators and students will land on a personalized home page with access to their programs, assignments, and more.

Note: Student Home requires both teacher and student digital experience licenses.

Educator Home

Whether you are a teacher or an administrator, you will now be able to access everything you need for the day from one unified space: Educator Home.


When you log in to Amplify, you will have quick access to all of your school or district’s programs on Educator Home.


When you log in to Amplify, you will see your Educator Home. It offers easy access to:

  • Your Amplify programs

  • A stream of recent activity

  • Poll results from your classes

  • Instructional planning recommendations

If your students have digital licenses, you can also preview Student Home to see what your students see.

Those with Teacher-only licenses do not see Student Home.

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