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Vocab App: What’s New for 2023–2024
Vocab App: What’s New for 2023–2024

Exciting Vocab App updates!

Updated over a week ago

The Vocab App is launching several new and exciting features this school year that will save you time, extend your reach, and support your efforts to deliver the types of rigorous and riveting learning experiences your students deserve.

Click any of the updates below to learn more!

Amplify’s Boost suite

Our digital, personalized learning programs are being renamed under our new Boost brand!

The new names represent what our programs do — boost foundational literacy skills for all students.

  • Boost Reading (formerly Amplify Reading)

  • Boost Close Reading (formerly Amplify Close Reading)

  • Boost Reading+ (formerly Skills Boost)

  • Boost Lectura (new this school year!)

Along with these updates, we are also renaming Amplify Vocabulary — also known as The Vocabulist and Amplify CKLA Vocab App — as Vocab App.

You and your students will see these new names in the program(s) and program resources beginning in July 2023. You’ll continue to have access to the program(s) you know and love, under their new name(s).

Read-Aloud Feature

This school year, Read-Aloud will be available in all Vocab App activities for students in grades 3–8.

From the new Settings panel, students will have the opportunity to select the voice for their Read-Aloud as well as the volume of the Read-Aloud and sound effects.

When the Read-Aloud feature is turned on, students will see sound icons beside the text which they can click on to hear the text as many times as they need.

Note:When students open the Vocab App for the first time, Read-Aloud will be turned off. If they choose to turn Read-Aloud on, their selection will be saved. They can change their voice selection or turn Read-Aloud on or off as frequently as they need to whenever they use the Vocab App.

Review Updates

Updated Teacher Reporting

Users who have access to Amplify CKLA or Amplify ELA can access our streamlined Vocab App reporting. The built-in Vocab App reporting shows students’ performance across their sessions during the school year.

Please note: Built-in reporting for the Vocab App is only available if you are licensed to CKLA or ELA. If you only use Boost Reading, you can only see reporting for the Vocab App in your Teacher Dashboard.

Enhanced Student Experience

The Vocab App has updated design: activities now have the same layout, easy-to-use navigation, and clear feedback for students. These updates make the program easier and more accessible than ever for students to use.

If you have questions regarding any of our updates, please do not hesitate to reach out to Amplify Support.

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