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Boost Close Reading: Announcements and new features for 2023–2024
Boost Close Reading: Announcements and new features for 2023–2024

Exciting updates for Boost Close Reading!

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Boost Close Reading is launching several new and exciting features this school year that will save you time, extend your reach, and support your efforts to deliver the types of rigorous and riveting learning experiences your students deserve.

Click any of the updates below to learn more!

Announcing Amplify’s Boost suite

Our digital, personalized learning programs are being renamed under our new Boost brand!

The new names represent what our programs do—boost foundational literacy skills for all students.

  • Boost Reading (formerly Amplify Reading)

  • Boost Close Reading (formerly Amplify Close Reading)

  • Boost Reading+ (formerly Skills Boost)

  • Boost Lectura (new this school year!)

You and your students now see the new Boost names in the program(s) and program resources beginning July 2023. You still have access to the program(s) you know and love, under the new Boost name.

Simplified Amplify navigation

All Amplify users (both educators and students) enter via and navigate via our new unified global navigation.

Review 2022-2023 Updates

Boost Close Reading Admin Reports

Educators with admin-level access using Boost Close Reading have had access to Admin Reports since the beginning of January 2023. The reports provide visibility into important program usage data, such as the number of schools using the program and the students in the program and their grades. Learn more about our Boost Close Reading Admin Reports.

If you have any questions regarding any of our updates, please do not hesitate to reach out to Amplify Support.

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