Caminos: What’s new for 2023–2024

New for Caminos teachers and students

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Caminos has several new and exciting features for the 2023–2024 school year that improve the teaching and learning experience for dual language and bilingual educators and students alike.

Caminos digital experience

Teachers and students both have an improved teaching and learning experience with the Caminos digital experience update that creates a parallel story with Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) and provides an equitable product offering for biliteracy implementation scenarios.

Caminos Lectoescritura (Skills Strand)

Caminos is a Spanish-language arts program that follows the principles of the Science of Reading. With the updated Skills Strand, Caminos continues to be the perfect partner (with CKLA) for bilingual and dual language settings.

Unified Home for educators

Educator Home now offers all educators and administrators access to all Amplify products for their school or district. Teachers now see a preview of Student Home. There are also sections for Recommendations (providing instructional planning tips) and Insights (providing information on recent student activity).

Lesson at a glance and preview modal

Teachers now have Advanced Preparation assistance in the digital experience with the new option to preview lessons on their Lesson Overview page.

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