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mCLASS: Finding Program Resources
mCLASS: Finding Program Resources

How do I locate the mCLASS resources that were on the Support & Resource Center?

Updated over a week ago

The mCLASS Support & Resource Center has been retired, and the resources for each program have been moved to the mCLASS help:

*Educators still using mCLASS:DIBELS Next/Acadience Reading can find mCLASS resources in the mCLASS:DIBELS Next help.

You can access resources in two ways:

  • Open the online help and click the Resources topic in the table of contents.

  • In Educator Home, click Programs & Apps. Under Other Resources, click mCLASS Resources, mCLASS Español Resources, or mCLASS Math Resources. Resources tiles display only when you are licensed to the corresponding program(s).

Please note that even though links to these resources can be accessed through the new pages, the URLs for individual resources have not changed, so these updates will not affect any resources you’ve bookmarked previously.

mCLASS resources

mCLASS resources include how-to guides, research materials, further support, and additional help for:

  • mCLASS with DIBELS 8th Edition or mCLASS:DIBELS Next/Acadience Reading

  • mCLASS Oral Language

  • mCLASS Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN)

  • mCLASS Spelling


  • mCLASS Vocabulary

mCLASS Español resources

mCLASS Español resources include English and Spanish how-to guides, research materials, further support, and additional help for:

  • mCLASS Lectura

  • mCLASS Oral Language Español

  • mCLASS TRC Español

  • mCLASS Spelling Español

  • mCLASS Vocabulary Español

mCLASS Math resources

mCLASS Math resources include how-to guides, student materials, and further support for mCLASS Math and mCLASS Math CCR.

mCLASS Intervention resources

Continue accessing resources for mCLASS Intervention on the mCLASS Intervention Hub.

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