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Amplify ELA: Professional Learning Site Overview
Amplify ELA: Professional Learning Site Overview

Tools and Resources on the ELA Professional Learning Site

Updated over a week ago

The Amplify English Language Arts (ELA) Professional Learning site consists of resources, tools, and advice to help you make the most of the Amplify ELA curriculum and support your students. You can use the Professional Learning site to support you through in-person, remote, and hybrid classes. Also, it has advanced resources, instruction, and ideas to help you reach your students on their level.

All of your Amplify ELA Professional Development (PD) resources have been moved to the PD Library. The Grades 6–8 ELA Professional Learning site will continue to house non-PD resources aligned to the middle school ELA product experience (e.g., Skill Modules).

You can find the Amplify ELA Professional Learning site from the Programs & Apps Menu under Other Resources.

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