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Teacher Setup: Syncing grades from Amplify to Canvas
Teacher Setup: Syncing grades from Amplify to Canvas

How to set up your account to sync grades from Amplify Classwork to Canvas

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These steps must be completed after your district administrator has completed setup for the Amplify Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®) version 1.3 app for Canvas. If you aren’t sure if this has happened, check with your district administrator.

Grade sync is currently available for Amplify ELA 6-8 and Amplify Science 6-8.

Add Amplify Classwork to each course that you plan to sync grades. You will complete the teacher setup steps to sync grades from Amplify to Canvas only once for each course.

This video shows the setup steps in this topic (0:00 to 1:51), as well as the steps for syncing grades from Amplify to Canvas (1:52 to end).

Teacher Setup Tips

Double check the following to ensure that grade sync can work smoothly:

  1. Courses with students have been created in Canvas. Visit the Canvas Help Center for more information.

  2. Your Amplify and Canvas course rosters contain the same students; grade sync works most seamlessly when this is the case. Student email addresses and SIS ID (if applicable) must match. These fields are used to match students between the two systems.

  3. The teacher who plans to sync the Canvas course must be the teacher completing the setup steps. If you copied a course from the commons and Amplify Classwork was already added, remove it and re-add it.

Teacher Grade Sync Setup

Before getting started, your district administrator must have configured the Amplify 1.3 app as described in the district setup help article. Once that is done, you’re ready to set up grade sync!

  1. First, add Amplify Classwork in a Module as an External tool for each course in which you would like to enable grade syncing.

    1. Select the Course to install the Amplify 1.3 app.

    2. Navigate to, and click, Courses in the left navigation.

    3. Click the Course to install the Amplify 1.3 app.

  2. Click the blue +Module button which will open a menu in a course.

  3. Next, click Add Module.

    Note: Some districts may complete this step for teachers.

  4. Add the module as an external tool.

    1. Click the +. Then, select External Tool from the drop-down.

    2. Select Amplify version 1.3.

    3. After you click Add Item, a blank window will briefly appear as the linking process completes. This pop up will close on its own – you do not need to take any action.

  5. Back on the course page, click the Publish button so a green check mark appears on the Amplify Classwork module.

Grade Sync Setup with Cross-Listed Sections

If you are using Cross-Listed Sections in Canvas, the following setup steps will ensure that you are able to sync grades from Amplify to Canvas.

  1. Follow the steps from Canvas to cross-list sections: How do I cross-list a section in a course as an instructor?

    • Once your cross-listed section has been set up, you will notice that it is now combined under one course; this is the parent course.

    • Canvas recommends that cross-listing is done only while courses are unpublished.

  2. Now, follow steps 1–4 in the section above to add the Amplify version 1.3 app to the parent course. Take this step only after your section has been cross-listed.

Tip: When syncing grades, make sure that you are selecting the parent course in the drop-down menu when selecting the LMS course for syncing.

This completes the Canvas setup steps. Now, you are ready for the next help article: How to Sync Grades from Amplify to Canvas.

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