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How to Run Your First Desmos Classroom Lesson
How to Run Your First Desmos Classroom Lesson
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Step 1: Pick a lesson you want to teach

Visit Scroll down to the featured activities or search for a topic in the search bar. Select a lesson.

Step 2: Assign the lesson to your class

Once you're on the lesson page, click the Assign button. Here you’ll have two options:

1) Assign to Your Classes or 2) Single Session Code.

If you already have your class set up, select option 1. If you’re just getting started, we recommend option 2.

Step 3: Share it with your class

Once you create your single session code or assign the lesson to your class, find your activity's Teacher dashboard by scrolling down to Activity Sessions and selecting Dashboard.

If you’re using a single session code, students can enter the 6 character code on

If you assigned the lesson to a class, students already in the class will see the lesson when they log in on You can also share the invitation link for students to join.

Step 4: Teach your first lesson with confidence

Now you’re ready to start teaching. Start your first lesson with confidence, knowing that Desmos Classroom is here to support you each step of the way as you guide students to aha moments and celebrate their brilliant thinking.

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