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Student experience in classroom activities
Student experience in classroom activities
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To join an activity, a student will need to enter an invitation code from their teacher or log in on to see any activities assigned to classes they are a part of. Students joining an activity from a link in Google Classroom will go straight into the activity.

Welcome screen

When they start an activity, a student will first see the Welcome screen.

If students share devices, have the students double check that they’re signed in with the correct account before they start the activity. If students are working in a group, they can list the names of the other group members. This will not link the activity work to any other student accounts, but only changes the name for the student in this activity.


Once a student is in an activity, they’ll see the same view that the teacher sees in the Student tab of the Teacher dashboard with a few additions in the top bar.

  1. Open sidebar

    The left side of the top bar has a button with three lines to open the student sidebar. This is also where the student can find the activity title along with their name in this activity.

  2. Anonymize is enabled

    If Anonymize is turned on in the dashboard, the student will see the Anonymize icon next to their notable mathematician name.

  3. Fullscreen mode, new feedback, and calculator

    The center of the top bar has buttons for students to turn fullscreen mode on and off. If the teacher has provided any feedback in the activity, students will see the Feedback icon at the top of the screen. A red Notification icon indicates that one or more feedback items have not yet been read. If the Scientific Calculator is enabled for the activity, the student will also see a Calculator button in this section.

  4. Screen navigation

    The screen navigation controls are located at the right side of the top bar.


Pressing the three line Menu icon in the upper left of the screen will open the student sidebar. Here students can edit their Account Settings, sign out, or go back to all of their activities.

Students can also enable Accessibility Settings, including Text to speech (Beta) and Braille mode.

Text to speech (Beta)

When Text to speech is active, a set of play controls is shown next to a note on the active screen. Students may use this feature to have the computer read the note's content (including embedded math) using the default text-to-speech voice on their system. This feature is still in beta, and performance may vary depending on the students' devices.

Braille mode

Braille mode provides blind and visually impaired students who use screen-reading software with refreshable Braille displays the opportunity to read and write math using either the Nemeth or Unified English Braille math codes. When enabled, select the desired math code from the options shown and, if the student intends to write Braille using the home row keys of the keyboard, check the Six-Key Input option. Since it may be desirable to rapidly turn Braille features on and off, we added keyboard shortcuts that may be pressed anywhere within an activity.

Recent activities and language settings

Under the Accessibility Settings, students who are signed in will see links to three Recent Activities. Activities with unread feedback will move to the top of that list so students can quickly get back to these activities to read the feedback. Students can also change their Language, but please note that only the text that is not part of the activity will change languages unless a student is using an activity from Desmos Math 6–A1 that is available in Spanish.

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