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Using lessons from Desmos Math 6–A1
Using lessons from Desmos Math 6–A1

Learn more about using lessons from Desmos Math 6–A1!

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If your school is not yet using Desmos Math 6–A1, you can learn more about purchasing our program or how to use our free activities and tools on

Getting started

Totally new to Desmos Math 6–A1? Start here! We’ll explore the basics of using the full-year program, including finding and assigning activities.

First, make sure you can log in successfully to Once you’re logged in, you should see the Desmos Math 6–A1 lessons at the top of the page. If you do not see these, please contact your site's main contact.

Explore the lessons

Next, explore the course that you will be teaching! When you click into a grade, you will see a list of all of the units in that grade.

Click into a unit on the page or in the sidebar to see the lessons and materials for that unit. At the top of each unit page, you can find the unit overview. This includes information for the entire unit, including the facilitation guide, family resources in English and Spanish, and a guide for administrators.

Each unit begins with a readiness check and ends with an assessment. In between, you will find all of the lessons for the unit, practice days, and quizzes. The lessons in the sidebar with the paper icon are paper-based lessons. Students will need their computers for at least part of all of the lessons without the paper icon.

When you click into a lesson page, you’ll find all of the information and materials you need for the lesson. There are optional paper Student Notes for every lesson in the Paper Materials section at the bottom of the lesson page.

Set up classes

Before a school year begins, feel free to make a demo class to practice assigning activities to your students. Before the first day of class, visit your Classes page and create a class for each section you will be teaching. When you create a class, you’ll see an invite code that you will share with your students once at the beginning of the class for students to join the class. Once students are in the class, they will see all activities assigned to that class when they are logged in on

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