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Syncing Grades from Amplify to Canvas
Syncing Grades from Amplify to Canvas

How do I sync Amplify Classwork grades to Canvas?

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Grade syncing with Canvas is available for districts upon request. If you are interested in integrating Amplify with Canvas, please contact our Customer Care & Support team.

Grade syncing saves time by providing middle school teachers a way to quickly send numerical scores from Amplify Classwork to their Canvas gradebook.

This help article is the third in a three-part series. You will complete the teacher setup steps to sync grades from Amplify to Canvas only once for each course.

All three steps must be completed in this order to sync grades:

  1. District Setup for Amplify 1.3 App for Canvas (performed by your District Administrator; please reach out to your District Administrator if you are unsure this has been completed)

  2. Syncing Grades from Amplify to Canvas (perform every time grades are synced)

This help article is broken into the following sections:

This video shows the teacher setup steps (0:00 to 1:51), as well as the steps for syncing grades from Amplify to Canvas covered in this article (1:52 to end).

Syncing scores from Amplify

After completing the grade sync teacher setup, you will see a max score field at the top of each expanded activity in Amplify Classwork.

  1. First, you must create a max score.

    • Each activity requires a numerical max score to sync.

    • The max score applies to all students in the class for that activity, and will be depicted as the denominator in the custom score field for each student.

  2. Next, review your students’ work and enter a custom score for each student.

    • While Amplify Classwork allows you to input any 10 character value as a custom score, scores for each student must be numerical to sync to Canvas.

    • It is not currently possible to sync letter grades or other non-numerical scores to Canvas.

  3. Once each student has a numerical score, click the Sync button at the base of the activity table to send scores.

    Note: Each student must log in to Amplify via Canvas at least once prior to syncing for scores to transfer successfully to the Canvas gradebook.

  4. Upon clicking Sync, you’ll be able to choose the course destination in Canvas to send the Amplify scores.

    Tip: You can sync grades to different courses from Classwork. You do not have to go to the other course to sync grades to other courses; you can just select from the drop-down menu.

  5. After the sync is complete, the status will update accordingly. This step may take a few minutes to complete. After the sync has completed, back in in Canvas, navigate to the Grades screen for the course to confirm that the grades have synced.

    • A Gradebook column will be created in the selected course for that activity. Scores will sync for any students that are shared between the activity you are syncing in Classwork and the Canvas course.

    • You may need to refresh the Canvas Gradebook browser page to see the most recently synced grades from Amplify.

That’s it! You can sync scores for a class and activity as many times as you’d like throughout the school year. A record of the last sync status will be preserved at the bottom of the class table for each activity.

Using Grade Sync from Amplify to Canvas with Multiple Grading Periods

If you are using Multiple Grading Periods, when syncing grades to Canvas, the score will automatically appear in the appropriate quarter based on the assignment due date, if it has been defined.

Please refer to this help article on setting assignment due dates in Amplify ELA, Amplify Science, and Amplify Math.

Moving Scores to a Different Grading Period

If a score does not appear in the desired grading period after syncing grades, it is because a) no due date was set, or b) the due date is outside of the date range for that grading period. It is possible to move the score to the appropriate grading period by updating the assignment due date in Canvas. Canvas offers guidance on updating assignment due dates here.

If you cannot locate the synced assignment, check All Grading Periods in the drop-down.

  1. Click Assignments in the Courses menu.

  2. Select All Grading Periods from the top left drop-down menu.

    If the date occurs either before or after all existing grading periods, it will appear in “All Grading Periods” only.

Please note that any updates to due dates made in Canvas will not be reflected back in Amplify Classwork.

Grade Sync with Cross-Linked Sections

If you are using Cross-Linked Sections in Canvas, make sure that you are selecting the parent section in the drop-down menu when selecting the LMS course(s) with which to sync.

Learn more about the required setup in the Cross-Listed Sections portion of the grade sync teacher setup article.

The Student Experience

When you send feedback to students, they will see the entirety of the custom score field, including the max score, in their teacher feedback panel for the given activity. You can choose when to send feedback to your students regardless of whether or not you sync grades.


If you continue to experience issues with grade syncing after following the guidance below, please reach out to our Customer Care & Support team so we can better assist you.

I don’t see synced scores in Canvas.

Please try the following if you don’t see scores synced from Classwork in the Canvas gradebook:

  1. Refresh the Canvas browser page. Scores won’t update in Canvas in real time, so you will need to refresh the page to see newly synced scores.

  2. Ensure your students have logged in to Amplify before. Students will only be recognized by the grade sync feature if they have logged in to Amplify via Canvas at least once prior to syncing scores.

  3. Wait 24 hours. Scores may take up to 1 day to appear in Canvas if many teachers in your district are syncing from Classwork to Canvas simultaneously.

I don’t see Amplify Classwork in my Canvas Apps menu.

This means that your district has not installed the Amplify version 1.3 app in your district Canvas account. Please confirm that your district has completed the prerequisite steps.

I don’t see the max score field or sync button in Classwork.

Classwork will only display the buttons necessary for grade syncing if you have added the Amplify Classwork app in a module as an External tool in your Canvas course(s). Follow the steps in the teacher setup help article.

I see a missing or invalid score error in Classwork.

You may see a warning message at the time of course selection if students have missing or invalid custom scores.

  • Any students who do not have a valid numerical score or any custom score will be skipped in the syncing process.

  • Scores must be numbers (whole or decimals) to sync. It is not possible to sync letter grades or other non-numeric characters at this time.

  • Scores will sync for all students in the selected course who are not listed in the error message.

Scores did not sync to Canvas for some of my students.

If you notice that one or more students in your class did not have their scores synced for the corresponding activity, one of the following errors may have occurred:

  1. The student(s) did not have a valid numerical score.

  2. The student(s) could not be found in the selected Canvas course.

  3. The student(s) have not logged in to Amplify via Canvas before.

To correct these errors:

  • Update all students’ scores to be numerical.

  • Check that the same students are rostered in your Amplify and Canvas classes.

  • Ensure that your students have logged into Amplify at least once previously

Error message: “District enrollment error”

This error message could appear if:

  1. The students’ email is not shared in Canvas.

  2. The student email in Canvas does not match what is shared with Amplify. Contact your District Administrator to confirm the email in the district enrollment files.


Can I sync scores from Canvas back to Amplify Classwork?

No, syncing is one directional from Amplify Classwork to Canvas.

What happens if I make edits in my Canvas gradebook, then sync scores for that activity from Amplify?

Any time you sync scores from Amplify Classwork, they will overwrite your changes in the Canvas gradebook for the corresponding students and activities, including comments. We recommend making edits in the Canvas gradebook once you’ve synced final scores from Amplify for any given activity.

How can I provide feedback on this feature?

We’d love to hear from you! Please reach out to our Customer Care and Support team through any of the channels on

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