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Amplify CKLA: Updated K–2 Skills Readers and Teacher Guides
Amplify CKLA: Updated K–2 Skills Readers and Teacher Guides

Redesigned Skills Readers and updated Teacher Guides.

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Skills Readers

Our redesigned Skills Readers increase representation of characters and illustrators, to better showcase the content, and to look more like trade books. Selected updates were made to texts.

K–2 Skills Readers and Teacher Guides

Stories with human characters have improved diversity, inclusivity, and authenticity, while others have fantastical creatures to bring more excitement and whimsy to the tales.

About the Texts

While most of the decodable Student Readers contain the same texts, some Readers were revised for different reasons, including a change in location, sensitivity, and/or authenticity. For example, in Grade 1, Unit 5 Kate’s Book, the entire selection was revised to focus on a Navajo girl, her family, friends, and the location of their adventures. Amplify worked closely with the National Indian Education Association to ensure that the story is a thoughtful and authentic representation of Navajo culture and traditions.

Example Page from New Reader

About the Illustrators

Each illustrator was specifically chosen not only for their enormous artistic talent, but also their unique abilities to tell a wonderful story through pictures. Their diverse experiences, points of view, and personal backgrounds helped to bring the Student Readers new life, creativity, humor, and imagination to the stories. Each Reader includes a biography of the illustrator or illustrators.

Teacher Guides and Activity Books

New Teacher Guides and Activity Books have been updated to reflect new Reader images in all components, as well as the text changes in selected Readers.

*These new Skills Readers and Teacher Guides are included in print and online for new CKLA implementations as of fall 2022. For CKLA customers who started before fall 2022, the new Skills Readers and Teacher Guides are an additional purchase. For more information, contact an Amplify Sales Representative.

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