Caminos Lectoescritura (Skills)

Caminos Lectoescritura is a completely authentic Spanish skills strand, built from the ground up for the Spanish language.

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Skills Lectoescritura

Starting with the sounds at the core of the Spanish language, students practice their phonemic awareness, handwriting skills, vocabulary, spelling, and grammar. Through daily practice, students become aware of the connection between reading and writing, building confidence as they go.


Every day in the Amplify Caminos classroom, students practice their existing reading skills while stretching themselves toward new goals. This program has a completely authentic Spanish skills strand, Amplify Caminos Lectoescritura, built from the ground up for the Spanish language.

In K–2, each day includes dedicated skills time to give students a solid foundation. In the upper grades, skills instruction becomes integrated with knowledge lessons, and students engage with increasingly complex content-rich texts and writing activities.

Building a foundation, in Spanish and English:

The skills instruction in Amplify Caminos was distinctly developed with the Spanish language in mind. Its foundational lessons are specific to the language, rather than a direct translation from Amplify CKLA’s English skills instruction.

Reading instruction will begin with the vowels first, then the most common consonants, and finally the least common consonants. Students will be blending and segmenting sounds to form syllables, and syllables to form words.

What’s Included in Caminos Lectoescritura:

Lectoescritura Teacher Guides

Teacher Guides contain comprehensive guidance for 180 days of foundational skills instruction and additional targeted support. Each guide represents one Skills unit.

Student Activity Books

Activity Books contain daily formative assessments and practice pages linked to each lesson’s objectives. An Activity Book accompanies each Skills unit.

Small Syllable Cards

Students can sort, decode, or manipulate these Syllable Cards to build short and long words independently during small-group instruction.

Large Syllable Cards

Syllable Cards represent the syllable patterns foundational to Spanish and can be used by teachers as visual support in the classroom.

Large Letter Cards

Large Letter Cards are used for teaching and reviewing sounds and spellings.

Student Readers

Diverse, engaging, and authentically Spanish decodable chapter books are the basis for the instruction of foundational skills.

Big Books (K – 1)

Big Books are large-scale replicas of the Student Readers used for teacher demonstration in several units of Kindergarten and first-grade instruction.

Image Cards

Image Cards depict images of various objects and are used to support instruction during early lessons.

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