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Enrollment for Returning Amplify Districts
Enrollment for Returning Amplify Districts
Locating help if you previously rostered through mCLASS enrollment or with Amplify's proprietary simple and structured CSV enrollment
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Note: Once your district has started classes and you have begun your Amplify curriculum and/or assessment programs, changing enrollment sources can be highly disruptive and is discouraged. If your district has extenuating circumstances that require you to change how you enroll, please contact your Customer Success partner.

The enrollment methods linked from this article use proprietary Amplify roster formats and are intended for districts returning to Amplify for the new school year. You should employ one of these methods only when your district used it for staff, student, and class rostering in prior school years.

If you are new to Amplify, or if your enrollment needs have changed since last year, please speak to your Amplify Customer Success partner and go to to review your enrollment options.

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