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Amplify Math: Shared Teacher Login for advance planning
Amplify Math: Shared Teacher Login for advance planning

Allowing teachers access for advance planning and other purposes

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Typically, teachers cannot access their program until the district has completed rostering in partnership with Amplify.

The Shared Teacher Login feature enables license owners and managers to grant their teachers and other appropriate staff early access using a generic username/password.

This is helpful for teachers who are new to Amplify and educators who are not formally enrolled as classroom teachers (e.g., curriculum leads, substitute teachers, and paraeducators).

Please note: With these accounts, teachers and staff won't be able to save data, or submit work, as the accounts will be shared across multiple users.

Users who are set up as license owners or managers have access to distribute Shared Teacher Logins. License owners or managers are often, but not exclusively, district or school administrators who are leading the Amplify Science implementation. If you do not know your school or district’s license manager, your principal should be able to help you identify them.

To access Shared Teacher Login, license managers should navigate to the Programs & Licences tab on the My Account page.

Once there, select the program to which shared access is needed.

You will be brought to this screen. Click the Programs tab.

You will now see an option to View all shared logins toward the upper right of the screen.

Click on the View all shared logins link, which will bring you to a new screen where you can view the shared logins.

License managers can also view all of the shared logins available by selecting View all shared logins at the top of the list of programs.

On the All Shared Logins page, license managers can switch between a list of all Shared Teacher Login information or all Shared Student Login information. Keep in mind that these teacher and student accounts are not linked together in any way.

By clicking the Copy link in the upper right corner, license managers can easily distribute the Shared Login information to their staff via their own communication methods.

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