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Answers to frequently asked questions about Amplify Math.

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Will I get Spanish with my edition or do I have to purchase a license separately?

Spanish is included as part of the base package for our Common Core 6-8, Algebra 1 programs.

For the 2023-2024 school year, only student-facing content will be translated into Spanish for our National editions.

For our other editions, we’ll have partial Spanish support for student content:

  • New York 6-8, Algebra 1: Student facing digital content is available in Spanish

  • Indiana: Supplemental lessons won’t be available in Spanish

  • Tennessee: Supplemental lessons won’t be available in Spanish

Can I make changes to the digital slides or add my own slides?

Not at this time, but this functionality is on our road map for future school years. For now, use your teacher tools such as selecting and removing slides using presentation sync and your own outside resources to add or modify a digital lesson.

How can I track student progress over time?

Teachers can track student progress by using the Reporting application. There are two different reports: the Unit Performance Report and Standards Reports. These allow teachers to review performance by unit for assessments, practice, and exit tickets as well as view progress and performance by standards.

How do students track their progress over time?

Students can review, edit, resubmit, and print out any submitted work on the My Work space. To navigate there, students should see the “My Work” link from the top navigation menu or they can find it in the Programs and Apps menu on the top navigation.

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