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Amplify Science: digital experience's Teacher-Only Option
Amplify Science: digital experience's Teacher-Only Option
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The rich content of Amplify Science K–5 can be used with digital experience, a robust lesson delivery option that enhances instruction and saves you time. To maximize flexibility and meet the needs of a wider variety of implementation preferences, a teacher-only digital experience is available.

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Digital experience license options

With digital experience, you can explore teacher-facing lesson content—including sample teacher talk, student responses, just-in-time pedagogical support, possible student responses, and more—on your private Teacher Guide tab while presenting lesson content to students from a separate tab.

You can use digital experience with or without student licenses. When your students also have digital experience licenses, they can access digital notebook pages, embedded apps, and other features, in one cohesive experience from their own account. Learn more here.

The option of using digital experience without student licenses is a great alternative for those who want to take advantage of the streamlined planning and presentation features of the experience but don’t wish for their students to have the full digital experience. With this option, students will only work online when activities call for an app to be used.

Student use of technology in the Teacher-only digital experience

Amplify Science students in grades 2–5 occasionally use devices to utilize Science Practice Tools and/or Simulations. If your students do not have digital experience licenses, they’ll simply access the necessary digital tools by logging into the students apps page at and choosing the appropriate unit (note: the student apps page should be bookmarked on student devices, and your IT department should be able to tell you what login credentials your class should enter).

Once a unit is chosen, there will be rows of links to all of that unit’s apps and digital books. These links are presented as color-coded and numbered squares to make it easy for you and your students to communicate about them (e.g., “click on the blue 2,” “click on the 6 in the bottom row,” etc.).

Key feature differences between digital experience options

Because students will only access the student apps page and not the digital experience space themselves, several features that relate to student access are not part of the Teacher-Only digital experience.


Teacher-only digital experience

Digital experience with students

Teacher Home

Student Home

Teacher curriculum access / planning materials

Teacher lesson (notes, presentation, & start class)

MyAmplify add-on for lesson customization/creation

In-lesson digital activity pages and interactives

In-lesson presentation sync options

Assign in Amplify or LMS

Student work review & presentation

Teacher Language Toggle/Settings (science only)

Class Language Toggle/Settings (science only)

Administrator reports

Tutorial lesson

Wondering if you have digital experience, or which option you have, if you do? Use this guide to check.

Please note that both digital experience options are paid licenses

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