The worksheet in Interactive Classroom is a digital version of the Student Activity books, where students can draw, type, add images, or record audio. Amplify has created a fun, hands on Tutorial to get you and your students started on using these interactive tools.

The Tutorial covers:

  • How to navigate in the worksheet

  • How to use the tools in the worksheet

  • Shows students how to enable their device’s camera and microphone

  • How teachers or students can project student work from work review to the presentation screen

Find the Tutorial

You can find the link to the Tutorial lesson in the banner at the top of Teacher Home as well as in a modal in the bottom right corner. Note that the interactive worksheet is available only for teacher-student accounts, and therefore the Tutorial is available only on Teacher Home.

Important: students with shared accounts will only be able to watch the videos in the Tutorial since they do not have access to the interactive worksheets via a shared account.

Start the Tutorial

After you click Launch to open the Tutorial, you can assign it to your students, or start presenting it live by clicking Teach.

Tutorial Walkthrough

The Tutorial is narrated and guided by CK-2, a friendly robot who walks you and your students through the features of the worksheet with interactive lessons.

In the first teaching activity, CK-2 asks students to draw their favorite animal.

Next CK-2 walks students through lessons on how to write in a text box, take a photo, and record an audio clip using the tools in the worksheet.

Then CK-2 shows students how to enable their camera and microphone.

A modal pops up instructing you to open Work Review to see your student’s drawings. If you are teaching live you can present an anonymous student’s work to the presentation screen.

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