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Resources for multilingual learners

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Amplify ELA is built on the conviction that equitable instruction is vital to an effective program—that curricula must provide all students with equal opportunities to achieve academic success, that texts and tasks must be relevant to culturally diverse classrooms, and that students’ voices and ideas should be at the center of learning. All Amplify ELA instructors have access to multiple supports for English language learners (ELLs), and those with the 2nd Edition also have a comprehensive guide that highlights the available supports.

ELA’s multilingual learner supports maintain academic rigor, while providing structure to support learners at different language levels. Each lesson features embedded differentiation levels within key lesson reading, writing, and speaking and listening activities to support ELLs. These supports also help to reduce the language demands of learning while maintaining content and learning goals.

Amplify’s ELL supports and resources include:

  • Three levels of scaffolding that align to the needs of ELLs at specific WIDA levels

  • Vocab App with word streams and activities focused on ELL vocabulary content

  • Visual supports for differentiated prompts

  • Definitions of key vocabulary in differentiated activities

  • Word banks in many writing activities

  • Discussion sentence starters, response starters for Share activities, and sentence starters for differentiated prompts

  • Simplified language in student directions and Writing Prompts

  • Chunked directions and prompts

  • Reduced amount of text

  • Text previews—short, context-setting introductions—to foster reading comprehension

  • Sentence frames to provide language conventions and support reading comprehension

  • Flexible Graphic organizers

  • Flex Day “Conversation Connections” activity specifically designed to develop ELLs* competence and confidence in classroom discussions

  • Multi-Language Glossaries Available in the Amplify Library for 11 languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Haitian Creole, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Urdu, and Vietnamese

*excludes Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee editions

In addition to the above supports and resources, Amplify ELA also has specific Spanish language supports available:

  • Caregiver letters in Spanish

  • Unit-aligned Spanish articles that allow native Spanish speakers to build rich, critical knowledge

  • Realigned Words to Use/Words to Know sections

  • Text previews available in English and Spanish

Comprehensive Guide

2nd Edition users have a comprehensive guide that highlights the supports available for multilingual learners and provides guidance for how teachers can help those students engage in the curriculum.

The guide contains:

  • Clear descriptors of differentiated supports

  • Identifications and locations of all native language supports

  • Information on key areas of language development

  • Newcomer guidance

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