Amplify ELA: Skill Modules

Skill Modules allow teachers flexibility to provide instruction, practice, and targeted review of key language arts concepts.

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New Text Analysis Modules* are available! Learn more here.

Amplify Vocabulary Modules provide instruction in developing students’ vocabulary and building their word knowledge.

The Text Analysis Modules are aligned to key concepts in Amplify ELA lessons, including theme, structure, rhetoric, literary elements, narrative point of view, and central idea. For Fall 2023, there are two new Text Analysis Modules: Rhetorical Appeals and Logical Reasoning.

The Writing Skill Modules examine the core skills of Focus, Use of Evidence, and Conventions. Teachers can use these resources in their lessons and to support targeted revision assignments for AWE-aligned skills.

Each module includes definitions, examples, and routines that can be applied during a lesson to teach or review a relevant skill, to reteach a skill in a small group situation, or or to support students in the context of a summative project or assessment.

The Teacher Tips at the end of each module provide additional suggestions for practicing these skills in core instructional units.

*The availability of this content/feature may vary by district and in certain state editions.

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