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Amplify Math: How to assign Amplify activities with Google Classroom
Amplify Math: How to assign Amplify activities with Google Classroom

Seamlessly link activities to your Google Classroom stream with the click of a button.

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The Assign in Google Classroom button offers teachers the flexibility to integrate Amplify Math content with their Google Classroom streams. This new feature is available for all student-facing work and simplifies navigation for your class by providing a direct link to any Amplify activity within Google Classroom.

You’ll need to set up classes with students in Google Classroom before getting started. Visit the Google Classroom Help Center for more information.

To assign an Amplify activity in Google Classroom, go to the lesson brief and click the blue Assign button.

A menu will pop up that gives you the options to assign in the platforms you have access to. This can include Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, or Amplify.

Select Google Classroom.

Upon clicking the button, you’ll be prompted to create or log in to a Google account if you haven’t already done so.

Once you have logged in and set up your classes, you can select the type of action to create and which class section you’d like to apply the action to. For this example, we’ll create an assignment.

After choosing a class section and action, you’ll be presented with additional options and settings for the activity. If you’d like to assign an activity to more than one class, you can select all the appropriate classes with the For checklist.

Once you have chosen your settings and clicked Assign, you’ll receive confirmation that the assignment has been created with a link to view it in the Google Classroom stream.

When students open the Amplify assignment in the Google Classroom stream and click the link, they’ll be taken directly to the activity in the Amplify platform in a new browser tab.

Students can then complete and hand in their activities in the Amplify platform. You’ll be able to review student submissions and score their responses through Amplify Classwork.

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