Amplify Science is launching several new and exciting features as you return to school for 2022–23 to help save you time, extend your reach, and support your efforts to deliver the types of rigorous and riveting learning experiences you know your students deserve.

What’s new

*Note: Interactive Classroom is an add-on license available for K–5 users and, as such, requires an additional purchase.

Interactive Classroom

Amplify Science K–5 Interactive Classroom offers two new experiences for the 2022–2023 school year: a teacher-only version of Interactive Classroom and Spanish language support.

Teacher-only Interactive Classroom

You can now get a teacher-only Interactive Classroom license that gives teachers access to planning and presentation features without necessitating students to be on devices. Especially for younger or less tech-savvy students, this means that they can focus on the instruction and not on trying to navigate a device interface. Students will still be able to access the elementary science apps page.

Dual language support

Interactive Classroom is now available in both English and Spanish. You can now set the language for Science curriculum and lesson briefs to English or Spanish. In addition, you can set the language for a specific student or all students, or give any of your students access to a button to toggle between languages.

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Simplified planning and navigation

Amplify has a unified and streamlined planning and navigation experience that includes:

  • A new Global Navigation Menu with easy access to programs and essential apps.

  • A fresh Unit Overview page that reduces the number of clicks it takes to get to a lesson.

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One entrance for all Amplify programs

New for the 2022 school year: one central location to access all your Amplify programs. Simply visit and bookmark to log in!

Note: Educators who have logged in through Clever and Classlink will continue with the same process.

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