For Back to School 2022, mCLASS is expanding our Spanish assessment offering to better serve the Spanish speaking student population. Amplify is excited to launch the mCLASS Lectura universal screening, dyslexia screening, and progress monitoring assessment suite for students in kindergarten through sixth grade. Based on the science behind how students learn to read in Spanish, mCLASS Lectura gives teachers tools to connect with and build understanding with their Spanish-speaking students one-on-one. Teachers are able to pinpoint where their Spanish-speaking or emergent bilingual students really are in their skills development and what instruction to prioritize.

The assessment content was written by native Spanish speakers with regional diversity and includes culturally relevant subject matter to engage your students while supporting their skill development. The new assessments have been designed based on the latest research on the acquisition and development of Spanish literacy skills.

mCLASS Lectura is designed to support K-6 students by providing you with early literacy assessment data grounded in the Science of Reading that will highlight areas of risk your students may have as they develop into readers in both Spanish and English. It delivers complete parity between English and Spanish assessments. mCLASS Lectura helps accelerate reading growth for your Spanish-speaking students by pinpointing where they are in their literacy skill development and what instruction to prioritize. mCLASS Lectura also provides grouping recommendations and instructional resources to help you analyze your students’ skill sets in Spanish and English simultaneously, through our Dual Language reporting.

Dual Language Reporting

When paired with DIBELS 8th Edition, mCLASS Lectura offers dual language reporting to support your students’ biliteracy journeys. The Dual Language report gives a side-by-side overview of the student’s Spanish and English skills and offers instructional guidance based on cross-linguistic transfer to help support each student’s individual skill development.

Benchmark Windows

Administrators can now set different testing windows for English and Spanish assessment in mCLASS to better fit your school’s testing schedules. The procedure for setting the benchmark windows will not change, except that your administrator will be able to specify benchmark dates for both English language and Spanish language assessments.

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