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Spanish materials in Amplify Science K–5
Spanish materials in Amplify Science K–5

What Spanish supports are available for Amplify Science K–5?

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Developed in conjunction with Spanish experts and classroom teachers, Amplify Science provides multiple Spanish language components across our curriculum.


Spanish Classroom Slides for K–5

The Classroom Slides that K–5 teachers know and love are available in Spanish. When teachers who have purchased the digital Spanish license toggle to Spanish in their accounts, they are able to download the Spanish Slides from the lesson brief.

Please note that for this first release, when Sims and apps are depicted in the Slides, their labels will be in English. We will be updating these to be Spanish in the future.

K–3 Instructional Guides and Science Backgrounds in Spanish

Every unit for grades K–3 has its full Instructional Guide available in Spanish. This means that when in Spanish mode, the teacher sees all of the model teacher talk plus the step-by-step instructional content translated. For preparation, each K–3 unit’s Science Background resource is also available in Spanish.

Teachers who have purchased a digital Spanish license automatically receive the full Instructional Guide in Spanish for all K–3 units.

Please note:

  • The translated Instructional Guide reflects the content of our National Edition. For users of the California Edition, this means that for those few activities that are unique to your state, the full Instructional Guide will not be translated; just the suggested Teacher Talk, projections, and any associated copymasters.

  • For now, the full Instructional Guide is only available in grades K–3. In grades 4 and up, the same translations that were available last school year will still apply.

Digital Spanish for California Content (K–8)

All digital student-facing content, including that which is unique to the California Edition, is available in Spanish! This includes projections, student activities, teacher talk, articles, assessments, and copymasters.

For access, make sure your school has purchased digital Spanish licenses for the California Edition.

Spanish Apps

All Modeling Tools, Science Practice Tools, and Simulations are accessible in Spanish. The Spanish apps are automatically available for all users who have the digital Spanish license.

Like in the curriculum itself, Spanish content can be viewed using the toggle button that will appear in the app if the user has access to digital Spanish. Teachers can control their students’ access to a particular language, as well as their ability to toggle between languages, with the Classroom Language Settings. There are a few exceptions to this rule, however.

  • In grades 6–8, there are four Simulations in which students will see the toggle even if the teacher has set the language controls to OFF: the Metabolism Sim, the Populations and Resources Sim, the Matter and Energy in Ecosystems Sim, and the Natural Selection Sim.

  • In grades 2–5, the toggle will remain visible if the apps are downloaded and used offline.

Note that the toggle may be in a different location for each app, depending on where the toolbar sits.

Spanish Read-Aloud: Student Books and Science Articles

Grades K–5:

Please see this article for information about the English AND Spanish Read-Aloud functionality.

Grades 6–8: Science Articles

Audio Read-Aloud is a helpful feature that allows users to play and control an audio recording of all science articles. Spanish audio is available to teachers and students who have a digital Spanish license. This functionality provides access to bilingual narration, giving students who need more support the benefit of associating written and verbal language. It also serves to assist students with visual impairments in accessing the texts.

Audio option for each article: The audio feature is collapsed by default at the top left of each article. Once expanded, users have the option to play, pause, scrub through the timeline, and collapse the audio feature.

Spanish audio is available for students who have a digital Spanish license. The language the article appears in will dictate the language of the audio. That is—Spanish audio will be embedded in the Spanish version of the article, and English audio will be embedded in the English version of the article. Teachers can control their students’ access to a particular language, as well as their ability to toggle between languages, with the Classroom Language Settings.

If your school or district is interested in purchasing Spanish licenses or simply learning more about them, please contact

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