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Online assessment updates
Online assessment updates
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mCLASS has released some new and exciting updates to online assessments for your return to school in 2022. You’ll see these changes on the Online Assessment Management (OAM) page where you assign online assessments to your students.

Benchmark window updates

We have made some enhancements to the configuration of our benchmark testing window setup for online assessment:

  • The benchmark testing windows for online assessment will now match observational assessment, i.e., assessments remain open and available to assign to students once the testing window starts.

  • The Beginning-of-Year (BOY) assessments remain open until the Middle-of-Year (MOY) period starts, which then remain open until the End-of-Year (EOY) period starts.

  • This supports additional testing as required by local educational policies, such as for dyslexia screening.

English and Spanish online assessment enhancements

Your district can now schedule different testing windows by language to better fit your testing schedules, e.g., a district leader may schedule Spanish testing a week after English testing. We have made some updates to the OAM page to support this new feature: the OAM page now has an English dashboard and a Spanish dashboard. This means that you will manage your English assessments on the English dashboard and your Spanish assessments on the Spanish dashboard. You will still set your testing windows through Amplify support as you have done in the past.

English assessment dashboard

In the following example, the English dashboard is selected. Note that the benchmark window (under Assessment Period) is set for 6/2/2022 through 6/15/2022.

Spanish Assessment Dashboard

In the following example, the Spanish dashboard is selected. Note that the benchmark window (under Assessment Period) is set for 6/15/2022 through 7/1/2022.

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