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Do I have the Amplify digital experience?
Do I have the Amplify digital experience?

How can I tell if I have the Amplify digital experience license?

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Districts that have adopted Amplify Science K–5 may opt to purchase an enhanced digital experience of the program. Digital experience licenses are available for K–5 teachers and students, and they offer a number of benefits.

It is important to know if you have digital experience because a number of program features work differently (or are unique). Here’s how to tell if you and your students have access to the Amplify digital experience.

Determining if you have a teacher digital experience license

After logging into the curriculum, navigate to any lesson in the curriculum. Upon choosing a lesson from the Unit Overview page, you’ll land on the Lesson Brief. This is where it will become clear if you have the digital experience!

Do you see a “teach” button? Congratulations, you have the Amplify digital experience!

Don’t see that “Teach” button? You do not have the Amplify digital experience, but don’t worry, you still have access to great instructional supports and interactive apps!

Determining if your students have digital experience licenses

Teachers may have access to the Amplify digital experience without their students having licenses. In this case, teachers get to use the streamlined, slides-based digital experience, but their students mostly work offline and do not have individual accounts. If their students do have digital experience licenses, though, additional tools become available to the teacher, like real-time work review, assigning lessons, and having the flexibility to have students interact with lesson content digitally (more information here).

If you’ve confirmed that you have digital experience (see above), you can easily check to see if your students also have it. Navigate to a Lesson Brief again and, this time, look to see whether there is also a button labeled “Assign.” If so, your students have digital experience licenses.

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