Amplify Reading is launching several new and exciting features this school year that will save you time, extend your reach, and support your efforts to deliver the types of rigorous and riveting learning experiences your students deserve.

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Benchmark assessment

Beginning this year, Amplify Reading will assess students' overall text reading proficiency level (Grades 1–5) and provide detailed reporting, including individual fluency and comprehension scores. Leveraging powerful voice recognition technology, this robust measure will be administered once during each benchmark period—Beginning of Year, Middle of Year, and End of Year. The measure will be used to place students (and re-place them mid-year) on their personalized path along with Amplify Reading’s adaptive skill map. It will also provide a key insight for educators to use in better identifying areas for student improvement. At the End of the Year, it will provide clear visibility into student growth from beginning to end of the year.

Educators can continue to use students’ monthly Skill Scan data to monitor growth and risk between benchmark periods. This data will be presented in the Teacher Dashboard so that educators can easily see benchmark assessment data and quick monthly check-in results side-by-side!

Already use mCLASS? No changes to how your students are placed into Amplify Reading.

New Teacher Guides

Brand new Teacher Guide sites are launching for Amplify Reading educators. These new sites are curated with state-specific content to give teachers the most relevant information and experience and to support and enhance educators’ use of the programs.

With setup tips for new and returning users, detailed guides to interpret student data, pedagogical science and support, and resources to help educators see the programs through their students’ eyes, the new guides will help teachers use the program to its fullest potential!

Admin Reports updates

Amplify Reading Admin Reports will continue to offer enhancements and incorporate new data points from the Amplify Reading Teacher Dashboard on a staggered timeline.

Vocab App updates

The Amplify Vocab app will receive updates to improve the student experience. These include usability and accessibility enhancements, as well as valuable scaffolds to better support English Learners and students who are working below grade level, helping them to fully engage with grade-level content to aid their reading growth.

Assessment Resets

Launched in early 2022, Amplify Reading’s Skill Scan Reset feature allows teachers to reset their students’ monthly Amplify Reading Curioso Skill Scan assessment directly from the Teacher Dashboard, allowing for an easier to use, “self-service” experience with Amplify Reading.

In the event that a student has rushed through the Skill Scan activity, Amplify Reading will flag the attempt as rushed and the student’s score for the month will appear as Invalidated in the Teacher Dashboard. When this happens, teachers have the option to Reset Skill Scan for the current month either for individual students or in bulk.

Similar functionality will be available this school year for Benchmark Assessments as well.

Plan & Navigate

Starting this back to school season, Amplify will offer a unified and streamlined navigation experience that includes a new Global Navigation menu for students with easy access to programs and essential apps.

One Amplify sign-on

New for the 2022 school year: One central location to access Amplify Reading and all your Amplify programs in one place. Simply visit and bookmark to log in!

Note: Users who log in through Clever and Classlink will continue to have the same process.

Please contact your Amplify Representative to confirm if these updates are available within your district.

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