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The Amplify digital experience Teacher Home
The Amplify digital experience Teacher Home
Navigating the teacher space for K-5 CKLA, Science, and Math
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Teacher Home is your new space in the Amplify digital experience for K–5 CKLA, Science, and Math, connecting you to what you need each day. You can jump back into planning, quickly review student work, gather insights on how your class is feeling that day, and preview upcoming assignments. Learn more about the different modules on your home page below:

Recently Viewed Lessons

In the welcome banner, you will see any lessons that you have recently viewed. The links for Unit and Lesson will jump you to those locations in the Curriculum App so you get back into planning or use it as a tool to go to your next lesson.

Lesson Stream

The historical lesson stream populates after you either assign or click “Start Class” on any lesson. This gives you a central place to look back on any lesson your class has worked on and quick access to review student work for that lesson.

When a lesson is assigned, the lesson card will appear at the top of the stream on the date that it was scheduled to appear for students. For example, if it was assigned to appear immediately on Student Home, then it would appear on Teacher Home as well. If the lesson is scheduled in advance, it will first appear in the Scheduled Assignments section on Teacher Home. Lessons cards will also include the due date and time in the upper right corner if one was set for that lesson. Click here to learn more about how to assign lessons in Amplify.

When you click on the “Start Class” button to teach a lesson, the lesson card will appear at the top of the stream.

When you are ready to review student work, Teacher Home will act as a quick list of all your recent lessons. Clicking the “View Work” button will take you directly to the digital experience’s Work Review location. Note: If the “View Work” button does not appear on a lesson card, that means that there were not any interactive pages for students to complete within that lesson.

The lesson cards can also help you navigate through your Amplify curriculum. Clicking on the “Go to Lesson” button will take you to the lesson brief page for that lesson, where you can assign, teach, and access any relevant materials. The unit and lesson titles at the top act as direct links to the Unit overview and Lesson brief pages in the Curriculum App.

Use the filters at the top of the lesson stream to sort and search through all past lessons.

  • Class Selector: If you teach multiple classes, use the Class Selector dropdown to show insights for one class at a time. Selecting a specific class will update all the modules on your home page to only show information for that class.

  • Subject: If you teach more than one subject through Amplify, you can filter for lessons from a specific subject in your stream.

  • Due today: The “Due today” filter will show only assignments that are due between 12:01am and 11:59pm that day.

  • Bookmarked: Use the Bookmark button on the lesson cards to save any lessons you may want to revisit or save. Clicking on the filter at the top will show only bookmarked lessons in your stream.

Scheduled Assignments

Within this section, you can view a list of lessons that have been “scheduled in advance”. If you click on the lesson, you will be directed to the Lesson brief page where you can edit the assignment information or preview the lesson before students have access.

Once the “scheduled date” occurs, the assignment will disappear from this section and move left into the lesson stream. This means that students now have access to the lesson from their Student Home page.

Click here to learn more about assigning and sharing links to custom or original Amplify lessons.

Today’s Poll Results

Today’s Poll Results gives you a quick snapshot into how your students are feeling that day. When students log into Student Home each day, they are asked to select an emoji based on how they are feeling that day. Those results are then populated here for each class. You can click or hover over one of the emoji options to see the list of the students that selected that option.

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