Creating Custom Groups in Admin Reports App
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You can create custom groups of schools in Admin Reports to view a subset of a specific group of schools’ data within a district.

You can customize your groups of schools:

  • By a particular region, (i.e. 12 schools in Baltimore County Public Schools vs. hundreds or thousands)

  • By a particular caseload or jurisdiction (i.e. an instructional coach who is assigned to 20 schools in the entire district)

  • By student demographics (i.e. Title I schools)

  • By school historical performance

Creating a custom group

  1. Open the filter from any program page.

  2. Your custom group options display. Choose the schools in the left pane and enter a name and a description for the group. Then, click Create group.

3. Custom group options close and you can view all reports for your custom group.

Your new group is saved at the top of the program page. To view reports for all schools within your custom group, select the group from the menu and you will see your custom groups at the top of the page.

Editing, duplicating, and deleting a custom group:


  1. Click Edit group to the right of the group you want to edit.

  2. The custom group options display.

    From the custom group options, you can edit the group name or description, duplicate a group, and delete the group.

  3. Click Save group to save your changes or Cancel to cancel.


1. To duplicate a custom group (i.e. make a similar group without having to re-select all the same schools), click Edit group.

2. Click Duplicate group to create a copy of your existing group:

3. After the group is duplicated, your duplicated group immediately displays. The new group will be prefixed with “Copy-” in your dropdown menu.


  1. To delete a custom group, click Edit group on the right side of the group you want to edit.

    The custom groups options display.

  2. Click Delete group.

  3. A confirmation displays. Click Yes to delete the group or Cancel to cancel.

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