Product Description/Purpose

Provide district leaders the ability to create custom groups of schools in Admin Reports to view a subset of a specific, user-chosen group of schools’ dataset within a district.

Problem Overview

Currently, an admin user on Admin Reports is constrained to see two levels of data:

When Admin Reports app was first created, there wasn’t a way to see data for a subset of schools – whether that’s organized by district region (i.e. NYC DOE has geographical and school districts within each of the 5 boroughs), the lowest performing schools in a district (schools that a district admin would want to pay close attention to), schools under the jurisdiction of an instructional coach who only cares about that group of schools, or schools undergoing an Amplify pilot.

With this new feature, admins will be able to see data for their custom group of schools:

  • By a particular region, (i.e. 12 schools in Baltimore County Public Schools vs. hundreds or thousands), or

  • By a particular caseload or jurisdiction (i.e. an instructional coach who is assigned to 20 schools in the entire district), or

  • By student demographics (i.e. Title I schools) and/or organized by school historical performance

  • Who are currently undergoing an Amplify pilot

Creating a custom group

Step 1:

Open the Global Filter dropdown menu (below) within any program page:

Step 2:

The Custom Group modal will launch. Select the schools you want in the vertical scroll on the left pane, then enter a name for your group and a short description, and click the “Create group” button.

Step 3:

After clicking “Create group”, the modal will close and you will immediately view all reports for your custom group.

Your new group will be saved at the top of your Global Filter for future use. To view reports for all schools within your custom group, select the group from the Global Filter and you will see the Custom Group Info Panel at the top of the page.

The Info Panel will contain all schools within the group and your description:

Editing and duplicating a custom group:

Step 4: Edit

To edit, select the “Edit group” button on the right side of the Custom Group info panel:

The Custom Groups modal will appear, enabling you to delete schools, add new schools, and edit the name and/or description. Once you’re done editing, click on “Save group” to save your changes. If you attempt to exit without saving, a warning message will appear to alert you your changes aren’t saved.

Step 5: Duplicate

To duplicate a group (i.e. in order to make a similar group without having to re-select all the same schools), select the “Edit group” button on the right side of the Custom Group info panel to make the Custom Groups modal appear.

Next to “Delete group,” click on “Duplicate group” to create a copy of your existing group:

After the group is duplicated, the next screen will be immediately your duplicated group. The new group will be prefixed with “Copy-” in your dropdown menu:

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