Check out the new exciting features and improvements coming to Amplify’s K–5 Interactive Classroom experience this spring! These updates are available for districts that have purchased early adopter licenses. Click here to learn more about the K–5 Science, CKLA, and Math Interactive Classroom experience.

MyAmplify for Google Slides

2 screens showing how users can create their own worksheets in Google Slides that students can interact within Classroom

Teachers can now edit Amplify lessons and create custom lessons with Interactive Classroom!

  • Use Amplify’s new add-on to create interactive digital student activities and embed interactive content.

  • Publish modifications back into the Amplify digital platform to use with students asynchronously or synchronously.

Learn more about MyAmplify for Google Slides.

Teacher Home

A screen showing a new feature that teachers can use to see past lessons and review student work

Teacher Home is a new tool in the Interactive Classroom experience, connecting teachers to what they need each day. Teachers can jump back into planning, quickly review student work, gather insights on how their class is feeling that day, and preview upcoming assignments - all from one space! Learn more about Teacher Home.

Administrator Reports

Administrator Reports are available for Amplify Interactive Classroom for CKLA and K–5 Science. Administrators can directly access these reports at:

With Administrator Reports access, administrators can see an overview of teacher and student usage and log-in data for the current school year, including:

  • Number of log-ins, by total, by school (or class, when viewing school-level reports), and by grade

  • Weekly active users, broken down by teachers & students

Detailed usage data reports are also available for download as CSV files. Learn more about Interactive Classroom Administrator Reports.

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