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Amplify Math: Standards-Based Reports
Amplify Math: Standards-Based Reports

How to access Standards-Based Reporting for Amplify Math

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You can access Amplify Math Reporting from the Programs and Apps menu at the top right of the screen. Scroll down to the Tools section and then click on the Math Reporting icon.

You can also navigate to Amplify Math Reporting through the global navigation menu in the curriculum. If you are licensed to multiple Amplify products, such as both Amplify ELA and Amplify Math, then you need to select the product you want to view in the sidebar, then click on Reporting in the top navigation menu.

Amplify Math Reporting displays in a new tab.

Standards-Based Reports

To view standards-based reporting for Amplify Math content, click Standards Reports at the top of the Reporting application.

You can choose which reports you want to view by class and by domain.

Once you find the standard you want to review, click the arrow next to that standard to open the detailed view. You can open multiple standards in the same domain.

The detailed view shows a description of the standard, the class average, and students' performance on each item that is covered by that standard.

You can also filter between activities within that domain, such as assessment content (pre-unit, mid-unit, end-of-unit, and performance task) and non-assessment items (exit tickets and practice problems).

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