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Amplify Math: Scientific Calculator
Amplify Math: Scientific Calculator

Accessing the Desmos Scientific Calculator in Amplify Math

Updated over a week ago

Amplify Math students now have access to the Desmos Calculator in our platform.

Scientific Calculator

Students can access the Desmos scientific calculator on each slide of a lesson. (Calculators are currently not available in assessments.)

Students can click the calculator icon on the upper right of the problem screen to open up the calculator.


The equations entered into the calculator save over time. You can scroll through past work done on the calculator. The calculator data is saved and is persistent between all the screens in a lesson, so you can start your work on one screen, and move to another.

You can use either your keyboard, a keypad, or the keyboard on the screen to enter in information into the scientific calculator.


The calculator has braille support (in Nemeth and Unified English Braille (UEB)), larger text, and reverse contrast for visual accessibility. Click on the wrench to use these features.

In the future, we will update this calculator with teacher controls on whether or not specific students or classes can view calculators (4-function, scientific, and graphing) based on their settings. We will also be adding calculator support for teachers while presenting.

Moving the calculator around the screen

When the calculator is active, it is moveable using the grip icon on the top of the calculator to move it around the screen.

For more info on the scientific calculator

For more information and help with advanced features in the calculator, please visit: Desmos Help Center | Scientific Calculator

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