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Amplify Math: How to “Power-up” a lesson
Amplify Math: How to “Power-up” a lesson

Learn how to Power-up an Amplify Math lesson using system-generated student recommendations and this additive differentiated activity

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What is a Power-up?

With the exception of the unit launch lesson, you can “power up” just about any lesson in Amplify Math.

The Power-up is a short additional activity (usually during the Warm-Up) that offers targeted, just-in-time differentiated support to address potential unfinished learning and bring students up to speed so they can successfully engage in the grade-level content of the lesson.

Based on student performance on the formative practice problem in the previous lesson (if available), Amplify’s digital system will provide automated recommendations of students who would benefit from the Power-up to boost their learning experience. If data is not available, teachers will still have the ability to sort students into two groups based on their own understanding of students’ needs.

Students will not automatically see the Power-up; the teacher must apply the Power-up to each lesson if they choose to use it.

“Power-up” a Lesson

As you plan for your next class:

  1. Select Power-up Settings (available via the lesson brief or the Teacher Guide) to view and manage groups for the lesson (i.e., the Power-up and Core groups).

  2. Based on data from the previous lesson (if available) or your own choices, your students will be sorted into two groups: the Power-up group and the Core group. You can move students into either group. Then click Apply to Lesson.

  3. Click Confirm to apply the Power-up to the lesson.

  4. Note the confirmation that you successfully applied the Power-up to the lesson.

  5. Click Close once you have your Power-up settings selected and applied to the lesson.

  6. You can view the content of the Power-up activity by navigating to the respective slide.

  7. When you start class, you can monitor students who have been assigned to do the Power-up. Students who have been assigned will have a thunderbolt icon next to their name.

Students not assigned to complete the Power-up activity will not be able to see it.

8. Use class monitoring to view students’ work on the Power-up.

9. After students complete the Power-up, they can complete the rest of the lesson along with their peers.

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