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Amplify CKLA: Professional Learning site
Amplify CKLA: Professional Learning site

A space for CKLA teachers

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The CKLA Professional Learning site is accessible from the Intro page of the Teacher Resource site and features remote learning resources, training videos, planning materials, and much more.

How to access the Professional Learning site

What’s on the Professional Learning site?

Remote and hybrid learning resources: This section is where you'll find tools for remote and hybrid situations, including editable activity books, recorded read-alouds, and caregiver resources.

Professional learning resources: This section features a pathway of self-paced learning videos focused on providing a basic overview of how to get started with the Amplify CKLA program. Also located here are planning resources, assessment guidance, and webinar recordings.

Training resources: This section includes grade-level curriculum maps, practice materials, classroom demonstration recordings, and other resources to help you learn how to implement CKLA in the classroom.

Want a full tour? Check out the video here.

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