How to access CKLA digital experience lessons
Updated over a week ago

CKLA teachers are now able to access digital lessons through the Amplify curriculum platform! These improvements are available for customers who have purchased digital experience licenses.

To get started, log in to the curriculum platform at You’ll see the course overview page with all of your available units.

Upon selecting a unit, you’ll be directed to the unit overview page. You can select a lesson from here.

Once you’ve chosen a lesson, you’ll be directed to the lesson brief. There are two options to choose from: Assign or Teach.

Clicking Teach will launch the lesson experience with slides and digital student worksheets. You can start class from the teacher guide to pull any students logged in to Amplify directly into the lesson with you.

Clicking Assign will provide you with a number of options to send the digital lesson link to your students. Assigning a lesson link allows students to navigate to Amplify lessons themselves through the platform of your choosing. You can learn more about assigning K–5 lessons here.

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