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The Amplify digital experience Presentation Sync & Pause
The Amplify digital experience Presentation Sync & Pause

Presentation sync and pause features enable teachers to restrict student slides access during a lesson in the digital experience.

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Lesson Pause

Once you have started class, you have the ability to pause student screens within the digital experience. To do so, click the Pause button in the upper right corner of the Teacher Guide tab.

When you click pause, students’ slide shows will be “taken over” by a full screen directive that instructs, “eyes on teacher.” They will not be able to interact with the slide show when their screen is paused, though you will be able to advance slides on the Presentation screen.

Click the Pause button again to unpause students and allow them to access the presentation again.

Restricting Slides

You have several options to control which slides students are able to access and toggle between in a lesson. When you set lesson pacing, you can allow students to access as few as a single slide or as many as all the slides in the presentation.

You can set lesson pacing before or after you start class. To do so, navigate to the Teacher Guide tab and click on the 3-dot menu in the lower right corner. What you select from that menu will depend on which pacing option you want.

There are three options for lesson pacing: Presentation Sync On, Presentation Sync Off, and Set Student Pace.

Which Pacing Mode Should I Use?

  • I want to teach a live lesson where students are pulled along with me: Presentation Sync On

  • I want students to navigate through all slides in a lesson at their own pace: Presentation Sync Off

  • I want to limit the slides students can access within a given lesson: Set Student Slides

Presentation Sync On: This is the default setting. When presentation sync is on, student screens will mirror the Presentation screen. When you advance a slide, the slide will advance on the student screen.

Presentation Sync Off: If you toggle the presentation sync to off, students will be able to toggle between and access all slides of the lesson.

Set Student Slides: With this option, student screens are not tied to what is on the presentation screen, but you can set parameters for which slides they are able to access independently. Instructions for using this option are included below.

Creating & Editing a Student Range

To set a range for pacing, click on the three-dot menu. Turn presentation sync off, and click “Set student slides.”

Next, select the first and last slides you would like students to be able to access. Those and the slides in between them will become the only slides students are able to access once you click “set access.”

“Allowed” slides do not have to be consecutive, though! If you’d like to further refine which slides are available to students, you can do so by removing slides from the range using the (-) button at the top of the slide’s thumbnail image. For example, by selecting slides 1–4, then removing slide 2 from the range, you can allow students to access only slides 1, 3, and 4. You can also add slides by clicking the (+) button at the top of the slide.

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