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Audio, Image, and Pre-Placed Textboxes in Student Worksheets
Audio, Image, and Pre-Placed Textboxes in Student Worksheets
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In the K–5 Amplify digital experience, students can now interact with worksheet activities in many different and fun ways. Students can draw and type with free-form textboxes, record audio, and upload and capture images in their worksheets. Teachers can then review student responses alongside the rest of student work in real time or asynchronously!


Students can record their thinking without needing to type everything out. Whether because of a learning accommodation, or because audio allows them to more fully express themselves, students might want to be able to record their thinking in a variety of ways. After a robust class discussion, students can simply click the “talk” button and capture their thoughts. Audio tokens are a maximum of one minute in length, and students can add six tokens to a page.


Students can use the “picture” function in a variety of ways. They can take a picture of something using their camera--maybe an image that answers a question, or a picture of their workbook if they’ve written by hand. Or they can browse for a picture and upload it into the sheet. This makes it possible for students to show their thinking and creativity in multiple ways.

Teacher work review

Teachers can review student work including audio, and images in grid view. When teaching the class, teachers can quickly scan their dashboard to see where each student currently is in an assignment. Have they started, have they finished, or are they in a separate place entirely? Teachers can also click into each student’s worksheet individually to see their work closer up, and project their work to the whole class to showcase it as exemplary or use it as an example to learn from what needs improvement.

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