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Amplify Math: Presentation sync & pause
Amplify Math: Presentation sync & pause

Presentation sync and pause allow teachers to restrict the slides students can interact with during a lesson.

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Restricting slides

Teachers can restrict slides for their class before or during a lesson.

Slide restriction is accessible from the Teacher Guide tab, by clicking the three-dot (...) button next to the Start Class button.

Teachers can decide from three different options for lesson pacing:

  1. Presentation Sync Off:

    This is the default setting. When presentation sync is off, students can access all the slides in the lesson.

  2. Presentation Sync On:

    If presentation sync is on, students’ screens follow the teacher’s presentation screen.

  3. Set Student Pace:

    If a teacher has set a range of slides for pacing, students are only able to access slides that the teacher has chosen for their range.

Creating & editing a student range

To set a range for pacing, turn off presentation sync, and click Select student slides.

Click the first slide on the bottom slide tray where you want students to start. Next, click the last slide where you want them to end. Finally, click Set Access.

Students will now only be able to view and work on the slides in the pacing range.

You can cancel your pacing by clicking Cancel on the slide that marks the end of their range.

You can add slides to the range by clicking the Add (+) button on top of those slides that you want to add. Selected slides can be non-consecutive.

You can remove slides by clicking the Hide (–) button on the top of the slides that you want to remove from the range. These can be non-consecutive slides.


When a class has been started, the teacher can pause a lesson by clicking the Pause (||) button.

Once that happens, students will see a full screen image instructing them to look at the teacher (“Eyes on Teacher''). Students will then not be able to do work on their computer, but you will still be able to present slides on the presentation tab.

You can click the Pause button again to unpause students.

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