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Amplify Math: How to Start Class and use the Teacher Guide
Amplify Math: How to Start Class and use the Teacher Guide
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Starting class allows teachers to present a lesson to a student while also having the student follow along in the software. The Teacher Guide allows you to review slides you’re presenting and read teacher only notes to instruct the lesson.

Starting Class

Teachers can open up the Teacher Guide from the lesson brief by clicking Teach.

This opens up the Teacher Guide Tab, which allows you to start class, view the lesson with teacher notes, view student work and present the content on a second screen.

To Start Class, click the Start Class button. You can choose a class you have, or start a presentation only.

When you start class or present, a new tab will open up and that is your presentation tab.

Clicking the ? button in the top Right hand corner of the screen will open up a tutorial that will help you set up your screens so that you can use the presentation tab.

You can now control the screen on the presentation tab or the teacher guide tab using the arrows on the bottom of the screen.

The lesson slide navigation on both the teacher guide tab and the presentation tab are collapsed by default and can be shown if you click the double arrow icon on the bottom of the screen.

You can interact with content on the presentation slide.

On the teacher guide tab, you can read teacher notes specific to the slide that is being presented.

Teacher notes are collapsed by default, and you can open them up by clicking on the double arrow icon on the right side of the teacher guide tab.

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