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Amplify Math is piloting a digital experience for grades K–5 that makes instruction more flexible for students and teachers, as well as providing additional means to engage in remote and hybrid learning!

Student-facing digital lessons

Students can engage with digital lesson content in one cohesive experience.

Student notebook pages are digital and interactive! Students can draw and type on digital notebook pages to record data, show their thinking, and reflect on ideas from the lesson and centers. Their work is automatically saved and delivered to you in real time. Students can edit their work, and those edits are reflected on your teacher “View Work” page.

Assigning lessons

Assign Amplify lessons via our integrations with Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams, or through another LMS by copying a lesson link and providing it to your students. The assignment you send will provide students with direct access to the full lesson—slides, videos, digital tools, and worksheet activities—no student platform navigation required!

Teacher platform and presentation

Explore teacher-facing lesson content—including sample teacher talk, student responses, pedagogical support, and possible student responses—on your private Teacher Guide tab. Students will only see the lesson slides that you are presenting.

Synchronous and asynchronous pacing options

Amplify offers a number of flexible lesson pacing options for teachers to control which slides students have access to. The K–5 Digital experience defaults to teacher-led mode (presentation sync) where you control students’ pace, tying them to your presentation location as you advance through the lesson. You can instead choose to turn on student navigation to enable students to navigate through the lessons themselves in student-paced mode or apply more custom pacing where you can select a range of slides that student have access to.

Class Monitoring and presentation

Watch your students’ thinking unfold in real time as they navigate digital tools and complete interactive notebook pages. Identify gaps in understanding when you scan View Work, or use Present Student Work to foster discussion and sensemaking by anonymously sharing students’ pages.

Unit timeline

Amplify Math offers a small subset of our digital elementary content this fall.

  • October: 1 sub-unit from each of the following grades:

    • Grade K: Flat Shapes All Around Us

      • Sub-unit 1: Exploring Shapes in Our Community

    • Grade 1: Adding, Subtracting, and Working with Data

      • Sub-unit 1: Show Us Your Data

    • Grade 4: Introducing Multiplication

      • Sub-unit 1: Understand Factors and Multiples

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