QR Code Login for Amplify Science

How can I access QR code logins for my students to use?

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QR Codes make it simple for students to connect to Amplify quickly and securely without having to type or remember a username and password.

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How to access QR Codes

Teachers can access QR Codes to provide to their students from My Account.

  1. Log in to your account and click on a class

  2. Click Get QR Codes to generate the codes.

    Teachers can:

    • View all the codes for their entire class

    • View the code for an individual student

    • Download the folder which includes an instruction sheet for each student along with their unique code

  3. Distribute the QR Codes to your students to simplify their login process.

    • Print and share the instruction sheet for each student, or send it to them electronically (recommended for in-class use or student take-home).

    • Print and cut the QR code for each student (recommended for in-class use).

Logging in with QR codes

Once your students are ready to log in:

  1. Students click Scan QR Code to log in.

  2. A message may display asking permission to access the camera on the device. Click Allow to allow the camera to scan the code.

  3. Students should hold the QR Code (either printed or open on their device) up to the camera so that it is lined up with the box on the screen.

  4. It may take a few seconds for the code to scan.

  5. Once the code has successfully scanned, students will be logged in.


Having trouble? Here are some quick tips if you are unable to log in with a QR Code.

  • Camera

    • Check to see if your camera is allowed for Amplify.

    • Ensure the camera is clean from debris or smudging.

    • If the camera (or webcam) is blocked or disabled by your web browser, enable it in browser settings for the QR code to be recognized. Once access to the camera is allowed, scan the code again.

  • Code

    • If the code has been damaged, teachers can print or send the student a new code.

    • If your student has lost their code, we recommend the teacher reset the student’s code, which will invalidate previous codes generated.

  • Scanning

    • Try holding your code up closer to the camera.

    • If your student is using a device, such as a phone, to display the code, make sure the device’s screen brightness is set to 100%.

For additional Amplify support, please reach out to the Customer Care & Support team through any of our available channels.

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