IMPORTANT: Before reviewing the information in this document, you should review Amplify’s requirements for enrollment and have an understanding of the information Amplify will need from you so we can best meet your enrollment needs.

It’s also important to note that Amplify’s mCLASS suite of products uses a different set of enrollment tools. Please visit our mCLASS Enrollment Overview page for an overview of the enrollment process for mCLASS, and if you’re working with mCLASS enrollment, please visit the mCLASS Enrollment help for detailed instructions and information.

Enrollment and Data Sharing Overview

This guide explains how to get started with enrolling your staff and students for Amplify’s various products. Prior to connecting with our team, you’ll be asked to fill out a technical survey so that we have the background information needed to help recommend the best enrollment solution for your district or school for the year. That survey will cover the following topics:

  • Technical prerequisites for connecting with and using Amplify products;

  • Which products your district has used in the past, as well as any products you’re planning on adding this year;

  • Your preferred enrollment and authentication methods;

  • Your district’s or school’s back-to-school (BTS) timeline.

After you submit the tech survey, our team will review that information and the existing data we have in the system for your district (if any) to identify any additional information we need from you. Then we’ll connect with you on a Digital Setup call to discuss any remaining questions that we have and answer any outstanding questions of yours!

By the end of the setup call, you should know:

  • How you’ll be sharing enrollment data with Amplify in order for your staff and students to access your products;

  • How your staff and students will log in after everything is set up in Amplify;

  • Next steps for setup, including an approximate timeline for your Digital Setup.

NOTE: If you are a returning customer, and are making no changes to your enrollment and authentication plans with Amplify, we may not need to hold the Digital Setup call. In this case, the Amplify Enrollment and Licensing (E&L) team will confirm your setup details via email and cancel the call. At any point in the process you can opt-in to having a call to discuss your enrollment and authentication setup.

Continuing Enrollment

If you are planning on using the same enrollment method as the previous year (and you’re using one of the third-party systems in the list that follows), you’ll need to check that you are still connected to Amplify and sharing updated roster information with Amplify in advance of launching the curriculum in your classrooms for the year.

The third-party enrollment methods are:

For our customers who enrolled using one of Amplify’s proprietary CSV methods last year, we recommend using our new Amplify Enrollment Portal to upload OneRoster-compliant CSVs. Amplify is planning on replacing the Simple CSV and Structured CSVs with OneRoster CSVs via our Enrollment Portal in the next few years. However, our customers who have used Amplify’s CSVs in the past and would prefer to continue using those formats may continue to do so, and those customers will upload their CSV files to Amplify via Egnyte, our secure file-sharing system.

Switching Enrollment Methods

If you’d like to change the enrollment method for your district, you can complete that switch between school years. If your school wishes to switch its enrollment method, please indicate this in the technical survey and during your Digital Setup call. You can also reach out to your E&L contact for more details. Our supported enrollment options are detailed in the 2021 Enrollment Methods document.

What is Rollover?

Rollover with Amplify entails updating enrollment data and updating the content version for your curriculum. In general we recommend updating your curriculum version at the same time that you upload your new rosters for the year. Updating your enrollment data each year will be very similar to uploading your rosters for the first time—you’ll send in your data for the semester, and Amplify will upload it after archiving or deleting your old data. At that point Amplify will update the curriculum to the new school year’s version and apply it to your classes.

Supported Authentication (Login) Methods

Our current authentication methods are outlined in the list that follows. Each item includes a link to an article where you can learn more. You can also reach out to your E&L contact for more details.

Our options include:

  • Google

  • ClassLink

  • Clever

  • District SSO - If you’re interested in setting up district SSO please let your E&L contact know and they will walk you through the configuration process with our Engineering team.

LMS Authentication Methods

Amplify’s LTI v1.1 Integration allows a district to log in to their Amplify programs directly from their LMS account. Amplify-supported LMS include:

  • Schoology

  • Canvas

  • Brightspace/D2L

  • Thrivist

  • Safari Montage

Next Steps

The next steps vary depending on how you’ve decided to share your enrollment data with Amplify:

  • If you are using ClassLink, Clever, or GG4L, you will sync your complete enrollment data and verify the accuracy of your rosters in those systems. Once you are sure the roster data is accurate and covers the participating classes, teachers, and students, you can then share that data with the Amplify application in that system. We recommend reaching out to your Amplify E&L contact to confirm they are able to see the data after sharing it in order to expedite your setup.

  • If you are sharing via Amplify's Enrollment Portal, you should make sure the roster information in the CSV file(s) covers the participating classes, teachers, and students, and includes all the necessary data in the column fields. You can then upload the CSV file(s) via Amplify's Enrollment Portal.

When you have finalized and submitted your enrollment data to the E&L team, they will review the data and make sure everything is ready for upload. After the E&L team validates the data, it will typically take 10-14 business days to upload the rosters and complete the licensing process. When all of your roster information is in the Amplify system and ready to use, you’ll receive a pre-launch email. The email explains how staff and students will log in, and includes a checklist for teachers to review to verify they have complete access and are able to find all the information they need.

Implementation Timeline

The following chart outlines a sample implementation timeline. You and your E&L contact will work together to put together an implementation plan that works best for you.

  • When the data is initially shared with Amplify, your license administrators will have access to your Shared Teacher Logins in their My Account page.

  • Shared Teacher Logins are read-only credentials that teachers can use to view the curriculum and start planning for the new year before their personal accounts are set up in Amplify.

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