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Editable caregiver letters

You can fill out and share this editable caregiver letter (available in English and Spanish!) with families to let them know what the program is, when their child should be using it, and where they can go for help.

Caregiver reports

The Caregiver Reports feature in your Teacher Dashboard allows you to create PDFs that you can easily share with caregivers to keep them informed about their students' progress through Amplify Reading.

How to access caregiver reports

There are two ways to access caregiver reports:

  • Caregiver reports are available as direct downloads from the Student Detail View. Just click on the Caregiver Report icon beside a student's name to instantly create a PDF that you can share with caregivers:

  • You can also use the Class Settings page in your Teacher Dashboard to download caregiver reports, either for individual students or a full class (as .zip file with individual student PDFs inside):

Caregiver reports: What's included?

Caregiver reports contain a variety of information and insights from your Teacher Dashboard, presented in a way that's easy for caregivers to understand, so that they can be more informed and engaged with their student's progress through Amplify Reading.

Note: Caregiver reports are now available in both English and Spanish!

Daily Login Calendar

The Daily Login Calendar provides a bird's-eye view of the days a student has used Amplify Reading, making it easier to track usage. The version in the Caregiver Report includes a reminder of the recommended weekly usage time for a student's grade level, to help caregivers keep their students on track.

Progress This Year

This graph shows students' progress-to-date against their subskill mastery goals for different skill areas. Note that when a student has achieved their mastery goal for a particular subskill, the bar graph will be replaced with a check mark.

Current Quests and Activities

The current quests and activities section is broken into three parts:

  • The Quest Synopsis provides a brief recap of the current quest narrative a student is playing through.

  • The Activities and Skill Practice shows the skill games and eReader texts a student has or will encounter in their current quest, the particular skills they are working on, and whether the student has begun, mastered, or hit a trouble spot in a given activity.

  • The Discussion Starters section is a great way for caregivers to engage with their students' Amplify Reading experience; it includes discussion prompts and suggested activities that relate the quest narrative to real life topics.

Additional caregiver resources

The Amplify Caregiver Hub

Parents and caregivers are an increasingly important part of the educational ecosystem, and we're here to support them! We've created a Caregiver Hub in both English and Spanish, so your families can learn about Amplify Reading, how and when to help their child, and where to get support from Amplify.

Contact the caregiver support team

We now have a Support team dedicated to caregivers. They can be Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET, and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET.

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