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Quest Extension and Discussion Guides

By following a series of quests, students master reading skills through a first-person narrative experience where they gain powers, help others, and learn about themselves and the worlds they inhabit. Each quest in Amplify Reading is built around a specific character and community-building topic, such as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making.

How and when to use these activities

Each quest in Amplify Reading is a self-contained story that plays into the larger grade-level narrative that your students see throughout the school year—like episodes in a TV series. Completing a quest is a great opportunity to ask students to reflect on the story they’ve just seen, and the deeper questions it presents.

These extension activities engage with the storylines your students see in the quests. Each includes a set of discussion questions that reflect on the narrative from each quest, as well as optional, independent student activity prompts. We recommend using these activities with students—individually, in small groups, or as a full class—either as a discussion prompt for their current quest, or as a way to dig deeper into a quest they have recently completed.

Note: You can use the Students Overview in your Teacher Dashboard to see which quests your students are working on -- try sorting by Current Quest to easily identify students who are at the same place in their quest storyline.

Accessing Quest Discussion Guides:

You can use the links below to download PDF versions of all of the quest discussion guides for each grade band:

Note: The Student Detail view in your Teacher Dashboard includes a short prompt from the discussion guides linked above for each quest your students play. We recommend downloading the full versions for deeper engagement with your students.

Engagement resources

Students love Amplify Reading! These fun activities extend that engagement with individual students and your whole class.

Activities and Resources for grades K-3

Amplify Reading goal setting chart

Use this goal setting chart, featuring some friendly faces, in your classroom to help encourage your students!

Note: You can print and laminate it to use with dry-erase markers!

Goal setting chart

Classroom Curioso kit

Curiosos are magical, book-loving creatures who grow alongside students throughout their Amplify Reading experience. As students develop their own reading skills, so do their Curioso companions. Together, they embark on adventures in the town of Bookerton and beyond!

This Classroom Curioso Kit contains Curioso posters with customizations you can cut out and add to it in support of reading goals, both in the classroom and via video conference.

Blank Certificates

Use our blank certificates to celebrate student usage or any other achievements!

blank certificate

Bookerton Quest Progress Certificates

Your students can play through up to 24 quests in a school year. Use this certificate to celebrate their hard work and progress on their reading journey.

Bookerton Quests Completion Certificates

Do you have students who have finished all 24 quests this year? Use this certificate to celebrate their achievement!

Note: Completing the main quest storyline is not the end of students’ Amplify Reading experience! Challenge quests motivate them to continue playing and to keep their reading skills sharp.

Curioso Coloring Pages

Students love their Curioso companions! Use these coloring pages as a fun reward for your students.

Curioso Masks

These Curioso masks can be printed and used for a fun activity in your classroom -- whether your students are learning in person or remotely, everyone can participate!

Curioso masks

Amplify Reading K-3 Zoom Backgrounds

Use these 10 Bookerton-themed Zoom backgrounds to customize your remote classes and video conferences!

Curioso storytelling pages (grades K-3)

Use these Curioso storytelling pages to encourage your students to express themselves creatively and share what they have been learning and reading about outside of Amplify Reading. Consider including this as a weekly reflective exercise for your students and as a way for you to check in with them as a group or during an individual check in.

Activities and Resources for grades 4-5

Blank Certificate

Use this blank certificate to celebrate usage or any other achievements!

The Four Eyes Progress & Completion Certificate

Students in grades 4–5 encounter up to 16 episodes of The Four Eyes (up to eight each school year). Each episode involves considerable work from students, so progressing through this challenging content is a major milestone. Celebrate your students’ hard work and achievements with this certificate.

Note: Completing the main quest storyline is not the end of students’ Amplify Reading experience! Challenge quests motivate them to continue playing and to keep their reading skills sharp.

The Four Eyes Classroom Posters

These printable posters feature beloved characters from The Four Eyes interactive graphic novel, along with explanations of the four close reading modules students practice in the program.

The Four Eyes Progress Maps

These maps feature the four regions of the mythical land of Vista, and each of the locations students visit in the sixteen episodes of The Four Eyes. You can use the “Black Kestrel” icon to track your class’ progress through the story as they complete their missions, or students can use the map individually to chart their own Close Reading journey.

Zoom Backgrounds

Use these four Vista-themed Zoom backgrounds to customize your remote classes and video conferences!

Skill Transfer Activities

Students love playing Amplify Reading skill games; these printable activities help them to continue practicing their reading skills outside of the digital experience.

Note: In addition to the materials included here, your Teacher Dashboard gives you access to a Resource Library of hundreds of activities that are directly aligned to the adaptive learning map.

Activities for grades K-2

Picky Goblins: Letter Toast Flashcards

In Picky Goblins, students practice letter-sound correspondences for individual letters by listening to a sound from a goblin and feeding it the piece of toast with the corresponding letter. Use these letter toast flashcards to help students practice their letter-sound correspondences.

Suggested activities:

  • Print two sets of cards and challenge your student to find the matching letters in a game of memory

  • Have students match objects in their classroom or home that have the same beginning sounds as different letters

  • Have students put different letters together to see what words they can make

eReader: Read aloud Videos

Students in grades K-5 encounter eReader texts along their adaptive learning path. These texts give students the opportunity to transfer the skills they practice in the games to actual texts. Consider watching the following read aloud videos with your students for some extra exposure to the texts and skill transfer activities, as well as opportunities for discussion.

  • Hedgehog and Fox – Fox keeps taunting Hedgehog that he can beat him in a race. But Hedgehog may have a trick up his sleeve that Fox doesn’t know about…

  • Lifting Up the Sky – A Snohomish legend that explains how the constellations came to be in the sky.

  • The Best Present – Anjali and Anuj try to find Mom the best birthday present while they’re at a baseball game. What will they choose?

  • The Big Ride – Rosa and her Dad are about to go on a roller coaster, but Rosa is a little frightened. Will she enjoy it after all?

  • The Busy Wolf – The Big Bad Wolf wasn’t trying to be bad, he was just too busy! Join us in Bookerton to hear this spin on classic fairy tales and engage with embedded skill practice and discussion prompts!

  • The Day They Became Americans – Three students who were born in different countries come together on a special day when they become American citizens.

Activities for grades 3-5

Making Inferences: Field Observer Activity Page

In Field Observer, students see Curiosos hiding in the wild, but the Curiosos are too shy to reveal themselves right away. If the student can make inferences about the Curioso's actions, feelings, and traits, and defend those inferences with the right evidence from the Field Guide, the Curiosos may just come close enough for a photo!

Use this activity page to have students design and describe their own Curiosos!

Identifying Character Traits: Yearbook Activity Page

In Yearbook, students choose the character traits that describe their imaginary classmates based on sources like the classmate’s text message or report card. Students are asked to select the evidence in the text that supports their answer and then they can choose a superlative for the classmate. Use this activity page to have students design and describe their own characters!

Suggested activities:

  • Create a new classmate from scratch! Who would you like to see in this game?

  • Turn a character from a book you’re reading in school or at home into a Yearbook character!

Reading Comprehension Passages

Though not directly tied to an Amplify Reading skill game, these grade level passages and accompanying comprehension questions give students the opportunity to further practice the skills they learn in comprehension games like City Planner and Wild Planet, and in our integrated eReader.

Click the links below to download grade level passages/activities for students and answer keys/hints for teachers:

Beyond the classroom: Connect with the larger Amplify Reading community

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You can use our Facebook page to connect with the larger Amplify Reading community. Please share your feedback, how you use these extension activities, suggestions for additional resources, or pictures of student work with us!

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